Businesses, whether large or small need all the help they can get, in order to get through the early stages of their technical development, and the growth opportunities they get while proving their metal in the market. Email is a part of any business no matter which industry or field they are a part of. Internal and external communication is both carried out through email servers. One of the most recommended email service providers is provided by Google, itself ? Gmail.

Definitely the best option from the market, for all sorts of businesses, Gmail has unique advantages which make it stand out and be so helpful to businesses. Some of the most prominent and popular features and advantages of Gmail include:

Easy Access

Unlike other email client providers which use a separate program dealing with message transmissions, Gmail uses a simple browser. Gmail is hosted and supported by cloud storage and all the emails are protected and backed up in order to make sure the client never loses any important information permanently. The cloud support also allows users to access all their email and documents from wherever they wish.

High Storage Space

Gmail gives each of its users a minimum of 25GB of email storage space for all businesses. This allows them to hold a huge amount of files and emails for longer periods of time. This storage space is far higher as compared to other, regular email service providers.

Compatible with Office

Whether you have a blackberry or Microsoft Outlook, your business Gmail account can be synced with them without any hassle. The access is both, quick and simple and in fact, Gmail boosts the productivity and efficiency of employees when they use Gmail.

Bonus Applications and Interactive Elements

Gmail also allows employees to use the service of instant messaging, calling and video conferences with only a few simple and easy clicks. You can not only initiate calls from the integrated service of hangouts but can also receive phone calls from this app. Gmail also provides all of its users with free access to Google sites, Google Drive, and Google Calendar. These additions prove to be extremely beneficial to the businesses.

Customizations and Add-ons

With more than millions of users throughout the world, Gmail hosts a multitude of add-ons which can help in numerous businesses. These impressive add-ons include things like email scheduling, branding tools, sales tools and Signals by Hubspot. There is also a huge range of different and unique business level controls for all sorts of businesses. Advertisements can also be removed and instead, branding can be added.


Gmail accounts are continuously updated and backed up in a seamless manner and you never have to worry about data loss. All the data sent and received through Gmail an extremely secure SSL encrypted connection to discourage hacking.

In conclusion, Gmail & Google Apps For Work is the most widely used email service providers used for all business, and the reason is no mystery.

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