Back To Square One Temescal Canyon High 2006 YearbookIt is Ironic that I find myself reading my high school yearbook Back To Square One looking back 10 years ago, I graduated High School. Reminiscing what I have accomplished and achieved?turning 28 years old I have?been reflecting on my life and comparing myself to others.I shouldn't compare to others instead I should live life by doing better than I did yesterday and plan long term not just go for the short quick easy fix. plan your life with no regrets do everything you want to do when you are young, don't wait until your retired, jobs come and go people come in go in your life for a reason or a season like my good friend Tyrese always says.

Looking back at high school it was fun times and some good life lessons. I think the 18-year-old Nick would be proud what, I have accomplished & friends I have made. Keep moving forward don't look back unless you are remembering the good times. Nothing But Success In Your Future!

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