Building an International Team of Freelancers

With today's technological advancements and over 59 million people in the United States considering themselves freelancers, hiring and working remotely has become almost as easy as working in the office. And with a wider pool of potential freelance staff members, hiring internationally from countries like Mexico provides the opportunity to discover more highly qualified and talented professionals who can get the work done.

How to Find International Freelancers

Finding freelancers is simple when you use online job boards. Not only do these boards let you compare professionals by price, turnaround time, experience, and past reviews, but they also allow you to view candidates from all over the world in one place. 

Some of the most popular online job boards include:

  • Upwork
  • We Work Remotely
  • Behance
  • Toptal

In addition to the widely used global networks, you can also view country-specific platforms. That way, if you already employ a handful of freelancers in Mexico, you can continue hiring from the same area to prevent payment complications. 

Best Freelancer Payment Methods

Hiring international freelancers requires a different payment process than hiring local full-time employees. This is because freelancers tend to be paid by the project and charge accordingly. Payments usually occur as a deposit, upon reaching set milestones, and on completion of the project. 

Unfortunately, wiring money internationally can be costly. That's why many businesses choose to use services like Remitly. Remitly is a low-cost option that enables you to Mexican Pesos at very competitive exchange rates and directly to 21 banks and thousands of pickup locations.

How Becoming an LLC Could Benefit Your Team

When expanding your company and hiring international freelancers, it's advisable to set up your firm as a limited liability company rather than a corporation. There are numerous advantages of LLCs, including increased flexibility in sharing profits, management, and ownership, the ability to take advantage of pass-through taxation, and reduced personal liability for business debts. 

However, it's important to remember that every state has different rules and regulations regarding what's required from business owners when forming an LLC. For example, in Arizona, you need to appoint a statutory agent and prepare and file articles of organization, such as the LLC's name, business address, statutory agent's name and address, and whether your company will be member-managed or manager-managed.

Find Freelancers to Elevate Your Company Today

Using international freelancers to strengthen your company is a popular business tactic that can help you save money and find the most qualified professionals for the job. 

However, before onboarding new freelancers, remember to use reliable online job boards to compare potential candidates and make sure you hire the most suitable person for the job. To be successful, you also need to communicate regularly with your team, choose a low-cost money transfer service to save on payment fees, and consider forming an LLC.

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How To Improve Your Restaurant With Tech

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Every business can benefit from embracing the most cutting-edge tech. In the restaurant business, there are lots of instances where tech can improve sales, reduce time and minimize mistakes. Below are just some of the great ways to improve your business with tech. 

Optimize your website

A website can be an essential marketing tool. You can use it to display all the most important information about your restaurant such as opening times, contact details and directions. You could even offer the option of booking tables through your website so that customers don’t have to phone you up. It’s worth investing in SEO to help boost the rankings of your website. It’s worth also making sure that your restaurant location appears on Google Maps and that you’ve got positive Google reviews. 

Invest in automated machinery

Embracing automated machinery can help to reduce work for your employees, speed up work and improve quality. For example, if your restaurant doesn’t specialize in coffee but you still want to offer it, consider buying an automated coffee machine (this could even be a self-service coffee machine). When it comes to cleaning dishes and glasses, consider also investing in automated pot-washing and glass-washing machines. 

Choose the right POS system

Your POS system helps you to take orders. This should ideally be a digital cloud-based option with restaurant POS integration features so that you can link up with other software such as payment processing tools and accounting software. Consider buying handheld devices that allow employees to digitally place orders at customers’ tables. This could help to speed up orders and reduce order mistakes. 

Use kitchen display screens

Kitchen display screens help to queue up every order as it comes through on a digital screen. This is much more convenient than using notes, which can be more easily misinterpreted. Place this screen somewhere in the restaurant where the majority of your kitchen staff can see it. Such software should be integrated with your POS software. 

Use the right payment technology

A good restaurant should be able to accept cash, debit and credit card. When it comes to accepting card payments, it’s worth investing in mobile card readers that can be taken to customers’ tables. These should ideally be able to take contactless payments. Many forms of payment technology are now programmable so that you can now accept extras such as charity donations or gratuity tips digitally. 

Allow customers to order via an app

A very modern concept that many restaurants are now embracing is the option of being able to order from an app. This could be used for ordering takeout meals, or it could allow customers to order to their table when eating in, reducing the work for waiting staff. When creating an app, you need to make sure that it is user-friendly – it is worth using a reputable app development company. Interactive menus on websites accessed via QR codes are an alternative option that you could try (this may be cheaper than an app). 

These Resources Can Help Take Your Website to the Next Level

These Resources Can Help Take Your Website to the Next Level

Do you feel like your web-based projects aren’t getting the traction you’d like to see? Then maybe it’s time to enlist some essential resources to make a difference. Below, Throlson Web Design Services shares some tried-and-true strategies for online success.

Start a Blog

Many small businesses overlook blogs as niche areas of the internet. But the truth is, blogs are very effective at driving traffic to websites. If you don’t yet have a blog, it’s time to get on board and pump out readable content on a regular basis.

You may need to hire a freelance blogger to help you maintain it, but the benefits will far outweigh the costs. An experienced blogger will know how to use SEO to tie in with your website content for optimal search results among visitors.

It’s worth pointing out that if you’re posting and sharing images online, you must use high-resolution imagery. Do not make the common error of compressing JPGs in order to save space; they will look too low resolution if you do this.

A JPG-to-PDF converter is better, such as Baltsoft’s Free PDF Converter. If you have large files to deal with, you can combine multiple images into one PDF, thus reducing the file size.

Learn and Utilize SEO

A small business website that is highly successful will have SEO as an integral part of its regular strategy. If you aren’t sure where to begin with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), MOZ has a comprehensive guide that will tell you everything you need to know.

Engage Your Visitors

A web store is a great way to increase sales if you’re a retailer without a viable online presence. After you have received enough customer emails, create an email campaign to keep your message front and center for your customers. Be sure to make use of social media, too.

Online-only businesses should consider direct mail campaigns. This campaign could include a catalog with your top sellers to help you prospect new buyers. You will learn which channels are most effective for reaching your sales goals by testing different approaches.

Test and Measure Everything

Accounting software is essential for any business. After you have mastered the basics, you can start to measure other things. Understanding your inventory and cash flow is key. This is the right time to begin to measure your business and to use metrics to propel your business to new heights.

Use Security to Your Advantage

Businesses must prepare and strengthen cyber infrastructure to avoid being vulnerable to the next threat. However, this will also position them to capitalize on the information security opportunities that exist.

As a small business owner, you are constantly being reminded of the danger that cybercriminals and malicious software pose to your digital security. You must now challenge yourself to improve your information security infrastructure.

This will position and strengthen your business for government and corporate requirements. Information security should not be viewed as a means of protecting against threats but rather as an investment in the digital economy.

Create an LLC

You have many responsibilities as a business owner that can distract you from your web-based projects. By forming an LLC, you can save time and enjoy benefits such as tax breaks, reduced paperwork, and more flexibility.

However, LLC regulations can be different in each state. So always make sure you check their laws and familiarize yourself with them.

Enhance Your Business Skills

Enrolling in online courses can help you improve your online skills. With enough training, you can easily manage your web-based projects without hiring a professional.

Many of these online courses are flexible and can be adapted to your schedule. As a result, you will be able to take your company to the next level with the knowledge and skills that you acquire.

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Investment Opportunities for a Brighter Tomorrow

Investments come in many shapes and sizes. Learning an instrument, for example, is an investment in your mental health, your brain capacity, as well as potentially giving you another way to make money. Most people are aware that investments will mean that their future is less stressful and possible a lot more affluent. We live in a world that is, unfortunately, dictated by the amount of money we have. And even though you do not need to be rich to have a good life, not having enough money can be a huge burden and highly stressful. That is why financial investments are needed at any age to help you safeguard your future. Let’s have a look at a few today:

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Digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ether have seen a great increase in value, and as we progress, cryptocurrencies are only going to gain in popularity. The fact is that they are making the whole process of buying and selling online quicker, more transparent, and are fast becoming the preferred way to conduct business in the digital sphere. They are also benefiting from new technology, which is again aiding these processes. Due to this, investing in cryptocurrencies could make a great long-term investment. However, it is not without its risks. Digital currencies are not guaranteed to continue to escalate, even though the trend is that way. Additionally, laws may change to disrupt their value and popularity. 

Side Hustles 

Side hustles are a great way to invest in the future. You never know, something you start as a side project today could end up being far more profitable than the day job. You can make a side hustle out of anything. If you are a writer, then you could sell articles or create your own blog. If you are a musician, you could play for a band and play live gigs. The are plenty of weddings and birthdays that need live music. You could buy and sell too. This is quite popular and can be extremely lucrative. It may even be more lucrative if you have a particular passion in which you are well informed, such as wones or old comics. By turning your passion into a side hustle, you have more potential to make money, as you will be more aware of the deals and bargains and where you can advertise to get the best return. Making your own website is relatively easy too. All you need to do is use a platform such as Wix or WordPress. No coding knowledge is needed. 


You can never be too careful with your money. And because you do not know what is around the next corner, insurance is a wise course of action. This can be especially important if you are the main earner for a family. You should get income protection insurance, and if anything should happen, such as a life-changing injury, you will still get your income. You may even be able to discuss it with a personal injury attorney to see if you can get compensation too.

The Best Way To Find Your Ideal Web Hosting Provider

The Best Way To Find Your Ideal Web Hosting Provider

Whether you’re a website developer, blogger, e-commerce entrepreneur, or small business owner, you know how important choosing the right web host is. Pick the good one for you, and you’ll enjoy a lifetime of reliable, high-performance hosting experience that suits your needs. Choose the wrong one, and you’ll end up frustrated with a mountain of financial regret. If it’s your first time looking for a web host or thinking about changing your current provider, here are some things you need to consider to help you land the right option that suits your needs. 

  1. Consider data security

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You want to ensure that your preferred hosting service can ensure that all your data is protected. That means looking for a provider that offers secure hosting through constant backups, an information redundancy system, and protects your data from external breaches. 

  1. Available storage

The type of website you prefer or its purpose will determine how much storage you need. So, if you need a lot of storage space, be sure to opt for a web hosting provider that offers exactly that. This way, you wouldn’t risk running out of memory. You can also look for cheaper plans that will save you money and prevent you from buying more space than is required. Some providers also offer unlimited space, which may help if you’re unsure how much space you’ll need. 

  1. Customer service you’ll need

In most cases, the basic customer service you’ll get will include access to email, online chat, and phone support. However, the turnaround time on request may not be the same. Some service providers may offer free 24-hour support, while others provide added security services.

  1. Consider the uptime

There are few things more frustrating than clicking a link online that does not open or takes too long to do so. If you’re running an online business, this alone can significantly affect how much organic traffic you attract to your site. 

So, when looking for a web host, think about the uptime they offer. Ensure that you’re getting nothing but the best. You can use a number to ascertain the uptime quality in a very simple way. The closer the number is to 100%, the better service you can expect. Always ensure that your host offers at least 99% uptime quality to be on the safer side.

If you’re an ardent gamer, you might also want to consider getting a server that offers the best latency. For example, if you love playing Ark Survival Evolved, getting an Ark server hosting with low ping times will improve your gaming experience.  

  1. Consider your personal needs

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Understanding your personal needs will also help you identify what web-hosting package is best for you. For example, suppose you’re a blogger looking to create an online platform that features 24-hour streaming, video blogging, and the ability for others to upload their videos to your platform. In that case, you will require a host that offers more features than a small business owner looking for a simple website.