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The 21st century is an era of wonderful and new technologies with a unique view of the world. Innovative technologies are continually growing, and they find their implementation in different spheres of life. The creation of brilliant AI or Artificial Intelligence is the primary task for many scientists from all over the world. For today, they have achieved particular success in this field. AI is able to self-educate, learn new data and perform more complicated calculations and actions. After realizing AI possibilities scientists have started to use it in the teaching and learning processes. AI can perform different tasks and solve the issues. That will provide significant help for teachers in the studying process of the pupils.

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Virtual learning

With the development of the digital sphere of science, virtual learning becomes real. Creation of virtual classes allows students from different countries to attend special classes and courses. Virtual reality provides excellent opportunities in studying of mechanics, chemistry, architects, surgery and mostly in other medical sciences, as real objects can be reproduced and learners can experiment with them safely and learn to gain much more knowledge. It may provide students with a valuable experience that they will be able to use in real life situations.

?Individual approach to teaching

In every learning process, there is a widespread problem of lack of individual approach in pupils studying. As a certain amount of pupils in a class can be very different, the teacher may not have the possibilities and time to pay attention to everyone?s individuality. AI may help with an analysis of each pupil preferences based on questionnaires or be studying success and provide additional materials. In the result, education of each pupil will be more efficient and will guarantee a more in-depth knowledge of subjects. This advantage will help pupils use their talents and interests for future career choice.

Analysis of class progress

During the teaching process, the professor has a lot of things to take care of. The teacher can conduct the lesson, provide subject material, preserve the silence, pay attention to personal needs, evaluate each pupil, etc. There is no time for checking the class progress and analysis of it. AI can analyze the progress of the whole class and define the weaknesses. After that, it will send the results with recommendations to the teacher. So professors will be able to see what questions should be studied deeper and how to organize the learning process better.

?New approach to administrative tasks and grading

AI can automate the processing of the administrative papers so that the professors can focus entirely on teaching. Automatic grading system it is what AI can perform very effectively and quickly. It can evaluate tests, homework, essays and then provide full responses on every issue or mistake. That will help greatly for pupils to self-improve and also it will save teachers a lot of time. As this technology is constantly developing in the future, it will be able to evaluate not only standardized papers but also to learn the handwritings and process them.

Self-education outside the classroom

It is wonderful when pupils are eager to get more knowledge. It is vital to provide them with enough amount of useful materials. An opportunity for remote learning with AI as a tutor allows pupils that cannot attend classes for some reasons keep the same pace of studying and do not miss any valuable material.

To provide sufficient assistance with self-education, the remote help of AI will serve as a personal tutor. AI can provide pupils with necessary materials on the subject topics and also provide additional answers to the needed questions.

??24/7 AI support for studying

Access to the knowledge is the critical factor nowadays. It is common that after the lesson some pupils still have questions or at home while working on their homework, they need assistance. With the 24/7 AI, pupils can get required answers to the problems when the professor is not available. It will help to keep the pupil's motivation for studying because they will always have someone to ask for assistance and they will not be frustrated by not being able to accomplish their homework.

AI has excellent perspectives for development in the educational field. It can enhance the studying process and provide a better comprehension of material for the learners. Such ground-breaking technologies can lead to significant changes for both teachers and students. However, it is significant to use them reasonably, and never overstep the interpersonal communication which is vital for each of us.


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