Apps are more than just a toy. Companies are finding a growing use for them in the business world with apps designed to help with everything from project management to accounting. Apps can also be particularly effective when it comes to marketing. Here are just three ways to use apps in marketing.

Display ads on apps

In-app advertising is the fastest growing form of mobile advertising. Many apps display a picture and video ads within them ? by getting your ads displayed in apps that your target audience uses you could help to attract more customers. Smartphone screens are smaller than PC screens and so ads need to be smaller and simpler to stand out, which could require hiring a specific in-app advert designer. Videos are likely to be more expensive to produce than picture ads but could help to make more of an impact. Companies like MoPub can help you to target specific apps using real-time bidding. This can often be more effective than standard pay-per-click advertising in which impressions can be a lot more random.

Download apps to help with your marketing

There are a number of apps that can help you with your marketing. Social media sites such as Facebook, Linked In and Twitter all come with their own apps, which could come in use for social media marketing. You can also make use of apps such as Buffer which can allow you to schedule posts for specific times on multiple social media sites. Meanwhile, there are apps like MailChimp that can allow you to manage mass emailing from your phone. You can even download apps for WordPress, which could allow you to write blog posts and edit your company website using your mobile device.

All of these apps can allow you to handle digital marketing on the go. This could be great for business owners that are rarely in the office, but still, need to keep on top of marketing.

Create your own app for marketing purposes

You can also create your own app as a form of marketing. If you own a store and want to encourage return customers, you could create a digital loyalty card app that gives people point and rewards every time they buy something at your store. If you?re a takeaway restaurant, you could create a menu app that people can order directly from. You could even offer discounts to app users as an incentive.

There are several ways to go about creating your own app. If you?ve got programming knowledge you may be able to make your own from scratch. Alternatively, you could seek out an app development company to build an app for you. There are also app builders out there such as Appy Pie, which can allow you to build your own app with little or no coding knowledge for free. This option is ideal for those only wanting a simple app, whilst the former options may be better suited for those wanting to create something a little more complex.

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