American Cancer SocietyHi Everyone I Have Been Helping My Mom Save Up For The American Cancer Society Shes A 2nd grade teacher. Her school raises money for ACS Corona Relay For Life. So far I helped her reach her goal $100 in donations. Hope you like the pictures we had a really fun day. Also sorry for some of the bad quality pics need to get a new digital camera lol.

Me And My Mom Getting Ready To Walk 6 miles

Corona Relay For Life

Around 6,ooo people showed up to raise awareness for ACS In Corona

Relay For Life ACS

Cool Shot Of The Candle Lit Bags All The People Who Have Survived Cancer

Corona Relay Shirts

All the sponsors

PS:Next Year I Will Be Raising Money To Fight Back Against Cancer & Will post how you can donate to me become a sponsor of mine for a really great cause hope everyone had great time cant wait till next year!

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