Are you looking for a professional for your web designing project? Confused between a web designing agency or a freelancer? In this blog, we will evaluate between the two and what suits you the best?

Before you seek for your professionals for your web designing project, you need to figure out the fundamental difference of vivid types of firms. If you hire a wrong professional or candidate for your business, then you are risking your business.

Freelancers vs established agencies

Developing a professional website needs a team of professionals in many areas. A single person won’t be proficient to do all the work. 

For an outstanding website, one requires a project manager, who is business-minded and delegates the project effectively. A team of copywriters who can design messages based on customer-centric research, designers and art directors, who can plan an effective design. Programmers and coders who can convert the design to a functional site. A quality assurance professionals to test these functional websites. SMO (Social Media Optimization) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts, who can draw traffic to the website. The system administrators, who will ensure that the site is thoroughly operational round the clock, and executives who can manage the communications of the clients.

For some projects, one may need professionals for additional services such as illustrators, photographers, post-production specialists, data-entry professional, security experts, mobile marketers, animators and many more. Some projects may also require resources and skillsets. It is possible that one professional will be functional in all the areas, but this professional cannot do all the multi-tasking efficiently and effectively. Moreover, they won’t be experts. 

A professional deviate his/her career in perfecting the skill they possess, and when they are hired in a team, the cluster of talents will abide and blend to develop a hi-notch website. The production of the site is as strong as its unsteady link. In short, to develop a world-class website, one needs an army of experts, each professional with their own specialty to work in compatibility for over an extended period of time. 

On the other hand, if you hire a freelancer to develop, it is more unlikely that they outsource a few task. If their main focus would be on the cost, then there is a probability of cut corners in resources as well as on the final product. The adverse result will surely drop your business. You would be in the midst of managing efforts.

When you hire an agency for your project means, you are hiring a controlled and managed team of developers who can offer outstanding results. An agency offers the range of experience and in-depth knowledge in multiple disciplines, it is worth to invest here.

Agencies from India

Many businesses outsource a developer from India, as they are cost-effective and equally efficient. As compared to the world’s economy, India’s economy is much less. Hence, you can develop your project at lower rates. Since they have worked on different projects, they have got vivid experience.

Effective ways to work with an established agency

Even though hiring developers from India can be cost-effective. But as a business owner, you should consider investing your time as well as the resources to hire your IT partners. Below-mentioned is some of the guidelines that you can follow to collaborate with an agency.

  • Clarity in functional requirements: Analyse the technical outcomes of modules, components, codes, and modules.
  • Channel with the technical team: It is always good to have direct contact with the technical team rather than working with an account manager or project lead.
  • Communicate via cultural barriers: Ask challenging and tough questions, with high-issue non-avoiding cultures.
  • Rough check: Before you hire an agency, it is always good to check about their credentials and expertise. For that, you can check their testimonials and reviews. Ask for their portfolios. Have a word with their existing or prior clients. Check with them how they overcame the challenges they faced via prior development.

Final Note

To conclude, it is always good to hire a web designing agency because they are different components of web designing which require multiple think-tankers. An established agency would have hands-on different projects. The team of developers works together as a cohesive team and the agency is liable for the entire project.

If you are planning to hire a freelancer, then you need to hire multiple professionals for each and every component: designing, writing, scripting, SEO’s, coding and many more. To manage multiple freelancers is a challenging task because you won’t be having any idea about their environmental ethics. They won’t have the accountability to accomplish the project in the given deadline.

We would recommend, save yourself from the mess and hire an established agency, who can take care of your gritty details.

Author’s bio

Bryan Lazaris is a web designing expert at HireWebDeveloper, an Indian web designing agency. With years of expertise, the author provides conversion-based access to web design. He has worked for over 344 projects, working from start-ups to large enterprises.

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