The Affiliate Summit West will be held Jan. 9-11, 2011 at Wynn Las Vegas. The annual event is the premier affiliate marketing conference in the U.S. and offers an exhibit hall, multiple educational sessions and information on the latest trends from affiliate marketing experts.

It?s an?unequaled?opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business and take advantage of their years of experience. Many of the master affiliates began as children, marketing home made products or offering services throughout their neighbourhoods. The one thing they all had in common was a never-give-up attitude.

At the Affiliate Summit, you?ll learn valuable lessons in the psychology of affiliate marketing. Before a product or service can be marketed successfully, you must first get the customer?s interest. However, perhaps even more important, is creating the environment that will provoke an emotional response that will persuade them to purchase.

Even after years of research, there?s still no way to predict exactly how an audience will respond to a given set of information. Elements such as color, wording, fonts and font size, as well as how the information is presented, can elicit a favourable or negative response that affects purchasing decisions.

Recognising hot new trends is always a challenge, but it?s a skill that can be learned. Experts at the Affiliate Conference can teach you how. Choosing a product to promote can be a frustrating?endeavor. There?s no guarantee that the product will be a hit, and you want to stand out from the crowd instead of promoting the same products as everyone else. Speakers at the conference will help you learn what to look for in new products and?recognize?their earning potential.

You?ll also learn how to better target your market to create more sales. There are a number of ways to attract the specific buyers that you want to visit your site, but not all methods work for all products. You may even be targeting the wrong markets. At the conference, you?ll learn how to determine accurately the market you should be targeting and the means of accomplishing it that results in sales.

Blogs are convenient and profitable ways to promote products, but no matter what format you choose to market your product, compelling content is required. You must engage the customer?s attention, and to do that you can use photos, videos, contests, articles and a variety of other methods. Online customers want items and information they can use, but they also want to be entertained while they hear your pitch.

Scams are becoming more prevalent as the affiliate market flourishes, encouraging unscrupulous individuals to offer fraudulent affiliate programs. There are elements common to untrustworthy affiliate programs and the conference will help you learn what to look for so you can identify and avoid them.

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