If you haven?t made the jump to computerising your business 100%, there are many reasons to do so. The message of being environmentally conscious is everywhere. It should be encouraging you to reduce your paper amounts. Or not even use them at all! Completely making your business foolproof in the IT stakes is something you need to think about. That doesn?t just mean getting a good internet connection. When other businesses speak of Search Engine Optimization, CRM?s and blogs, are you thinking that these are things you need to get round to? Or have you already got them up and running? Here are some things to ponder.

A Business Blog

BlogA great business blog will do you wonders, not just in the marketing but also gives you the personalisation most bigger companies won?t have. If you haven?t started documenting your business online, you need to start doing it before the next popular mode of marketing comes along! To widen your catchment area, you can guest post on other blogs. You can use sites like GuestPostTracker.com to see what sites are the best fit for your business.

The Cloud

Upgrading your storage hardware systems to a cloud-based one is a tool many companies use to utilise more memory space. Other benefits include reducing your carbon footprint as well as increased network security. Also, the ability to recover documents easier than when your hardware breaks down will save a few people?s skins!


Customer Relationship Management software is an effective way to keep the business ticking away in the background. The software is an organisational tool, admin system and lead generator all in one. Having one of these installed will do wonders for the firm?s time management skills. If you have a limited workforce, this enables them to stretch their capabilities that little bit further.

Anti-Virus Software

anti-virusA must for any company. Getting this will save many issues relating to hackers and data leaks as well as suspect ?packages? from outside emails. If you don?t have one in place, I strongly urge you to do so now.

A Statistics Tool

Do you know how much traffic your business website generates? If not, then getting a tool to feedback the numbers. Systems like Google Analytics are easy to use and break down the numbers into easy to view results, like graphs. You can find out handy information like in what country your business is viewed the most. This can help you to tailor your marketing and so you can work smarter instead of harder.

Accounting Systems

The best accounting systems and software will be invaluable. Gone are the days of paper filing. With software like ClearBooks offering invoicing, banking, tax management and many other tools under one handy banner, it has never been easier to check if your company is in rude financial health.

Tools like these are a step in the right direction to making sure the company you are running can operate smoothly. Putting the right IT structure in place can make for an efficient business.

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