Building a solid customer base is something that every new business must concentrate on to begin with. Getting people to want to work with you, and then getting them to stick with you in spite of your competitors, can be a challenge. It’s not just about getting as many new customers to work with you as possible; it’s about ensuring your customers are always engaged so that they stay loyal to you. Here are a few pointers you can use to build your own solid customer base:

  1. Go Above And Beyond 

Do the unexpected and make sure you go above and beyond for every customer. Could you include a handwritten note? A small sample or freebie? A discount for their next order? Make this a special experience for them and they are unlikely to forget how you made them feel. 

  1. Provide The Best Customer Service

Having unbeatable customer service is one of the most effective things you can do in 2021. Ensure your team are all on the same page and well trained – inexperienced customer service reps could make things worse, especially if the service is inconsistent. Consistency is a must when providing customer service and solutions to problems. You can’t stop issues from arising, but you can make sure that each customer who has a problem feels more than happy with the result you provide. 


  1. Provide Value 

Providing value in the form of videos, blogs, tips, and even just Instagram posts can help people to see that you are an expert in the industry and make them come back to you when they have a question. It’s no good being precious about your knowledge and keeping it to yourself. 

  1. Create A Community 

Could you create a community, such as a helpful Facebook group where you can answer questions and provide advice? This can help people to feel a part of something bigger and ensure they stay loyal. 

  1. Provide Consistent Training To Your Team

Make sure you invest in team training – your team is just as important as your customers. If they are unhappy and disengaged, this will rub off on your customers and they may decide to leave. 

  1. Track Your Marketing Efforts 

Tracking your marketing efforts will help you to see what is really working for you and what you need to tweak. You can look at things like social media marketing, direct mail marketing, and email marketing to get an idea of what works best for you and what you should continue to spend money on. 

  1. Partner Up With Other Businesses 

Could you partner up with another business? Perhaps a business with a similar customer base, but not one that is a direct competitor? For example, a sweet shop could effectively partner up with a party planning company or venue and both businesses will benefit. 

  1. Ask For And Act On Feedback 

Value the feedback your audience gives you. Ask for it, and act on it. Show them that you care about what they think and that you’re always improving!

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