Is it possible to create evergreen content in a world full of technological advancements and innovation? The answer is yes. Having answered that, what do you understand evergreen content marketing strategy as?

It is a tactic implemented in the creation of long-lasting, relevant, and consistent content. Just like the evergreen trees, this content never becomes obsolete.

A well-planned content marketing yields to numerous beneath it's for your business such as reduction of marketing costs, the creation of long-lasting search engine optimization rankings, and leads and traffic generation. Strategies used include;

  1. The origin/source story strategy

Plays a vital role in informing your audience about how you began and reasons for starting your business. Thus creating secure connectivity between you and your audience. Some of the guidelines for telling your source story are;

  • What lead you to the establishment of the company, service or products that you are currently offering?
  • What significance do you anticipate it has brought to the existing market?

Do not give stories. Be brief enough to captivate audiences all over the web pages. Remember, your source story has to be a compelling site that readers cannot resist.

  1. The journey?s store strategy

Its primary purpose is for the enlightenment of your audiences about your ups, exhilaration, downs, bruises, and bumps on your path to your current position. For instance, in the Rodan and Fields? blog, you see their fair review updates for the lash boost product. Sharing the unbiased and real-time experiences of people will increase your brand value.

Your journey?s story acts as information to your audience. You let them know where you came from (source story), current position, and where you intend to go.

Strong connections with your audience through the shared experience of your journey thus promoting your brand?s authenticity, trust, and appreciation.

  1. Biggest mistakes strategy

This content adds up to the general audiences? shared experience. It is acceptable to make the biggest mistakes.

Let your audience know you are about them and how you intend to better them. For instance, you can address biggest mistakes done by your team pertaining your brand or product, or site an example of brand or company in your industry which committed biggest mistakes and how you intend to be different.

  1. Highest achievements strategy

This could be a part of your journey?s story. You openly tell your audience of that moment your biggest expectations came to be.

For instance, it could be the date you launched your product or brand, the achievement of a certain milestone, the receiving of your industry?s recognition, or won a certain award.

Unlike the news perspective (won a certain award), the evergreen strategy concentrates on the achievement of the moment. In other words, the evergreen strategy focuses more on the moment rather than the occasion.

For example, using an interesting blog, tell about your product?s launching date.

  1. The how-to strategy

Is your industry always captivating the new audience? If yes, this is a prerequisite for you. These articles educate and inform as well as introduce the new audience to your industry?s jargons, skills, and history.

By doing this, you actively involve yourself in increasing their experience. For example, you could use a combination of interesting blogs, visual treats as images and videos, and provision of relevant information to guide your audience into being knowledgeable about your industry.

Whenever you are using this strategy, make good use of keyword optimization to capture the attention of numerous audiences possible.

  1. The top-ten list strategy

Do you have a top-ten list? If not, what are you waiting for? If yes, big up yourself. Well, it is essential for you and your business to have a regularly updated top-ten list as events occur.

This list is a perennial choice in all businesses from entertainment to technology. It is a requirement for you to perform regular updates on it. For instance, this list could be tied to seasonal occasions or reward shows.

When coming up with this list, make the article shareable and strong.

  1. The best practices strategy

Just like the how-to articles, articles on best practices are regularly searched and used actively by your audiences. The best strategy here for you is to highlight any changes that have been done to best practices on an annual basis to keep at par with your audience.

As you do this, you might consider making references to the preceding year to ensure your content stays evergreen through the creation of connectivity between the outgoing and new blog.

For example, using keywords, you can highlight the best practices for previous years then show the changes occurring.

  1. The formats strategy

Always exercise answering the audiences? queries and delivering real value. For example, if asked how it is used, you should be in a position to give the how-to in a valuable, reliable, and consistent manner.

You might also consider making use of emerging trends. Be careful though as you use patterns. Not every emerging trend is evergreen thus cautious consideration should be made.

If your article helps your audience to comprehend emerging trends, then you are most likely to see positive change in your traffics. It may result in high new traffic, referral traffic, and returning traffic.


In conclusion, despite the strategies given, you have to ensure that your content is highly captive to search engines and audiences alike.

Your content should, therefore, be extremely searchable, applicable universally, high value, timeless, produce consistent traffic as time passes, should be of common interests and should be of specific interests. For strategies to work best, you have to be smart.

Remember, the secret here is to create timeless content for your articles which will be highly searchable and ranked high by SEO thus increasing your traffic. You have it all to create evergreen content. What are you waiting for?

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