The web is the king if we talk about presences these days. With everything going online those who are not online are almost negligent from the main scene. This stands true especially in the case of business and commerce where e-commerce is the new normal.

To have your business online is no more a luxury rather it’s a necessity and need of the hour. Firms commonly hire e-commerce developer to get their websites online to get a digital presence for their business. However, to hire ecommerce developer and get a website built is not enough.

Yes, you read it right having a website is not enough. You must have a website with good web design. If you are planning to get your e-commerce website built then you can’t neglect the designing part of it.

Well, if the lack of web designing knowledge is troubling you then don’t worry. We would cut your task of searching and study. We would now discuss those 7 web designing principles that you must know to get your website on top charts in 2019.

So, don’t miss it if you really care about your business and are interested in driving some serious profit online.

The Call To Action Buttons

The Call To Action (CTA) buttons are the revenue drivers on your website. Thus, you can’t neglect them. While designing your website take care that the position and color scheme of the CTAs is such that it is not overshadowed by other elements. Other elements must be in support of the CTAs and CTAs shall be clearly highlighted.

The Craze For Speed

What if I say you have just 3 seconds to impress or lose a customer/client? Well, that the time it takes a user to switch to another website in case your webpage is not loading. Speed is at the core of this digitally connected world. So, if you want to get those viewers to stay at your web page you need to ensure that your web design is such that it supports fast loading.

User-Friendly Features

The sole purpose of the web page is to be user-effective and user-friendly. Your web design shall reflect that user-friendliness. Say for example the one-page checkout, video descriptions are elements that make the website and engaging. Your web design must accommodate such elements.

Watch Out For Hot Areas

User activity tends to be more on a certain section of the web pages and is not uniform throughout on a single page. You must study those hot areas on your website with tools like heat map analysis. Put those user searched elements on these hot areas when designing the website.


Optimize the content especially the images on your web pages while designing the website. Also, make sure that you take out all those bad links that give 404 error or similar kinds of results when a user clicks on your URLs.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Touch

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as the next big thing in the domain of web technology. AI would play a major role in website design in the near future. As of now, you must adopt a website design that is accommodative with AI tools like Google Assistant, Alexa, etc. A chatbot on your web page is another attractive feature that you can add in this context.

Mobile Is Here To Stay

The dominance of mobile in accessing the net is going to stay among the internet users. With close to 90% of all the global internet users preferring to have a nice viewing experience of a website on phones you can’t miss the trick. Your web design must be such that website loads smoothly and looks as attractive on mobile as on any other device. Cross-browser compatibility is another thing that you must consider while chalking down your web design.

Take these tips into consideration and put them to action the next time you modify or develop your website. Till then stay connected and share your views with us.

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