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Want to attract more visitors to your website? By finding new ways to advertise your site, you can encourage more traffic. Search engines ads and display ads are some of the most common ways to advertise a website, but there are many other advertising strategies you can try out. Below are just a few examples of different places to promote your website.

In your email signature

When sending professional emails, it’s worth having your website in your email signature to add a sense of legitimacy – especially when cold emailing potential clients. Your email signature can also contain other useful information such as your phone number and job title (and of course your name). Many email services allow you to set up an email signature that automatically accompanies any email that you send out. 

In your social media bios

Your company social media accounts are another important place to promote your website. There is usually a place within the bio of your account page where you can promote your website. If you’re promoting a personal website such as a personal blog you can put this in the bio of your personal social media accounts or create separate social media accounts for your blog. 

On your vehicle

Vehicle advertising can make your company vehicle look more professional. You may also pick up some business from people seeing your website printed on your vehicle. Sites like Edmunds can help you choose a suitable business vehicle to advertise your website on. Vinyl wraps are one of the most common ways to print information onto vehicles – these are sheets of vinyl that wrap over the bodywork of your car, allowing easy removal if you ever decide to sell the vehicle. Other information like brand colors, logos, images, contact details and brief company information can be printed on the side of your vehicle. 

On a business card

Business cards provide a quick way to exchange information about your business when meeting a potential client in person. On top of your email address and phone number, it can be worth printing your website address onto these cards. You can also print a QR code onto the business card which allows people to easily visit your website by opening up their phone camera rather than having to manually type in the URL. This Hubspot guide explains how to create a QR code. 

On posters/billboards

Posters and billboards could be a great way to attract website visitors. As with a business card, you can print your website address and a QR code onto these. For posters and billboards to be effective, they need to be placed in key locations where your target audience is going to see them. While posters and billboards can offer a lot of space to advertise, it’s important not to put too much information on them, as most people will read them at a glance. 

On flyers/physical newsletters

Posting flyers and physical newsletters is still an effective way to advertise. People are spending more time at home due to increased remote work opportunities. A lot of people are also more likely to read a newsletter or pamphlet through their door than they are a promotional email (most of our inboxes are so inundated with promotional emails that few of us open all of them). You can print your website address and a QR code on flyers and newsletters to help convert customers. 

On a pen

Next time someone asks if they can borrow a pen, why not hand them a pen with your logo and website printed on it? Such pens can be a unique way to convert potential customers – every time they use that pen in the future, they’ll be reminded of your business, and it may just encourage them to check out your website. There are many other branded accessories that you can use to promote your website in this way. 

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