To keep your website on the best levels of design, you should always understand what is popular in WordPress for that year. It is also important to understand why some of them become trendy.

If you understand the whys and whens of implementing some of the common design elements, one becomes better equipped to create a WordPress site that is not only modern and functional but also beautiful. Else, it is better to hire an experienced web design company in India.

Let us have a look into some of the interesting trends in WordPress website design for the year 2019.

  • Website Builders: – There are plenty of available themes, still creating an impactful website design or having one?s own identity with that website, becomes quite difficult. Popular website builders, like Remixer, is changing this trend. Most of the website builders use the What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface that helps all the users to customize the appearance of their web pages quite quickly. To keep up a winning edge, WordPress is focussing more on this functionality.

Some popular WYSIWYG builders have been specifically developed for WordPress such as the Beaver Builder and the Elementor. WordPress started on this journey on a fully fledged scale in the year 2018 with the release of Glutenberg editor. Gutenberg is a new text editor that plans to replace the current TinyMCE based editor within WordPress. It also features a drag and drop interface that is essential for customizing different areas of the page or the post.

  • Popularity of Minimalism – Flat and minimum designs have become popular for the last few years. These designs focus more on simplicity with the use of flat colours, clarity and a lot of white space. This helps in highlighting the content, easy downloading of the site and looking good in all devices.
  • Use of High Saturation and Vibrant Colours – Nowadays it is no more the rule of only black colour. Bold colours and contrasting combinations are often used as people have different emotional connect with different colours used. The choice of the scheme can have a huge impact on how a brand or their website is viewed.

According to surveys, 90% of our evaluation in terms of products is based entirely on colour. A striking blend of colours is helpful in making the site pop. There is a Skin theme on WordPress which enables to choose two colours and it helps in creating a gradient scheme for the site. One can also have his own gradients and add his own textures and patterns.

  • Asymmetrical and Broken Layouts – Some of the websites are not always in need of minimal and simple designs. They might need a loud and bold look. This is where WordPress designers are creating something different by having broken grids and asymmetrical designs. Albert is the best theme for this. It is capable of using sliding images, overlapping elements and a twisted look that attracts the users.
  • CSS Grids: CSS grid is a responsive grid structure that dynamically changes depending on where it is displayed. Most of the mobile designs have this type of design. The page elements shrink and reorganize according to the size of the window. WordPress themes are already making use of CSS grid designs, including the Kuhn theme.
  • Mobile friendly designs: when it comes to responsive designs, mobile devices have come a long way than desktop users. The number of internet users increased on mobile devices thus it is important to create sites that are more responsive in mobile devices. The WPtouch plugin is the best for creating a mobile theme based on the website and customizing them as well.

A professional web design company in India always make use of the latest web design trends and designs while developing a website. So if you are dreaming of selling your products or services online, make sure you hire an experienced company with a team of expert professionals.

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