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It's always a challenge to improve business workflow. But you can maximize the talents of your employees with a combination of modern software and classic managerial techniques.

Get Everything in Line and Organized

Any modern business depends on data. Data drives everything we do these days. But it can also become muddled. And muddled data means you can make the wrong decisions. This would be a disaster given how many apps and services even the smallest companies use these days. Fortunately, Census' reverse ETL service prevents data errors by unifying it from a single point rather than point to point. This means you can integrate data across multiple apps like Hubspot and Asana, for example, cleanly throughout your entire company.

Keep Your Staff Well Trained

Of course, the complex subjects of data management, IT, and apps mean your employees need to know how to use such devices. Therefore, it is in your best interest to keep your workforce trained to avoid mistakes that could cost time and money. Your IT and network department should be qualified. But IT evolves all the time, so it's best to make sure they are up to date on any changes in the sector. However, even the most menial tasks require some knowledge of intricate systems these days, such as tracking inventory on smartphone apps.

Improve Business Workflow with Clear Communication

Poor communication accounts for 70% of workplace issues. The smooth operation of any business depends on communication, so employees understand deadlines. Employees in a successful business must keep each other up to date on project developments. And as well as being open to questions, you must also be able to respond to them. Progress is difficult without effective communication and discussion. Fortunately, it's easier than ever. Management apps like Clara make employee management simple in terms of clear communication.

Use Collaboration Apps for Project Management

Cloud-based collaboration apps are one of the most valuable tools you have for modern business. So no more distracting emails. Today, real-time collaboration tools allow everyone to contribute to a project whenever, for all to see when they have the time. In addition, apps like Asana make it easy to sort extraneous messages from urgent ones. And other features are excellent for document collaboration, calendar scheduling, editing, and task management by order of importance. As a result, your productivity will go through the roof.

Manage Employee Wellbeing

Of course, an ill employee can't work as well as they would like. Mental health issues are now the number one cause of employee absence, and as an employer, you are in a position to help your staff. Burnout is common in work these days, so it's helpful not to burden employees with more workloads necessary. This is a disaster for them and never works out for you. Additionally, workplace encouragement of healthy habits can be a massive help to your employees. Things like healthier eating options, group exercise, and taking breaks will help your staff.


Your business efficiency is critical. You can use apps with data warehouses for accurate integration. But your employees also need to know how to use these systems.

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