When you have a business, client retention is everything. If your customers begin to use other companies for their goods and services, then you’re losing out on a consistent income and relationship from them, which not only damages your reputation but is bad for business in both the short and long term. But what makes clients lose faith in your company and seek out alternatives for the services that they need, and is there anything that you can do to rectify these issues? We’ve noted down 5 things that could be losing you clients here.

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#1: Inconsistency

One of the main things that damages your reputation and causes clients to seek out other businesses is inconsistency. People like to know that they are going to get that same high level of service every single time they use your company, and if your customers don’t know what they can expect, then you’ll soon find that they head elsewhere. Be as consistent as possible, and of course, be consistently good.

#2: Poor social media channels

Social media is one of the things that will help your business to grow substantially, by attracting new clients and allowing existing ones to maintain a relationship with your company. If you have poor social media channels then you’re missing out on a big opportunity to really connect with your clients, and you could find that you lose them as a result. Look into a company like Conduit Digital Marketing, and Instagram advertising agencies as bad social media can damage the way that your business is perceived!

#3: A low quality website

Any potential client will first type your company name into Google, and have a look around on your website. Due to the fact that most people only spent a limited amount of seconds on your site, you need to make sure that it’s of a high quality, the information is all there, and it’s easy to navigate so that people can get straight to the stuff that’s important to them. A website that leaves a lot to be desired is not good news.

#4: Bad customer service

Customer service is everything in business, and if you’re not getting it right then you’ll find that your loyal clients are dropping like flies. Invest well in a customer service team that know what they’re doing, and will support your customers quickly and effectively. If you don’t do this, you’ll see that people will be getting infuriated with your company, and are pretty likely to head elsewhere to get a more customer-centric service.

#5: Employees who lack motivation

If you’re going to keep the best clients around, you need to have the best employees. Of course, you need to hire the right people who are passionate and motivated when it comes to the job, but you also need to treat your employees with respect and decency, so that they come into work every day ready to give your customers that first-class experience. Choose them wisely at the start, and treat them well enough to keep them there throughout.

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