A conversion rate is simply the percentage of visitors that land on your website and perform the desired action. Unfortunately, many business owners foolishly believe an aesthetically-pleasing website is enough to encourage sales. If you want your visitors to convert to customers, you will need to optimize your website. Read the five strategies that?ll increase conversions.

  • Promote a Product with High-Quality Images

It?s impossible for a visitor to touch a product on your website. The best way to highlight the detail of a product is to incorporate high-quality images onto a web page, which will allow your visitors to make an informed decision. You should also allow a prospective customer to zoom in on an image, which could encourage them to add the product to the online shopping cart.

  • Improve Understanding with Video

97% of marketers stated video helped them increase their users? understanding of their products and services. It could, therefore, be an effective strategy to turn a lead into a conversion. Not only can it improve a visitor?s knowledge regarding a product, but the integration of video can also improve a site?s rank in the search engines, which can also drive considerable traffic to a website, which could increase online sales. Consult Working Beautifully to learn more about creating a professional video for your website.

  • Provide Free Shipping to Increase Sales

Customers will view shipping fees as a hidden cost, which can lead to an abandoned cart. If you want to encourage conversions, you should seriously consider offering free shipping to your customers. It?s a psychological strategy, as it will make users believe they are obtaining a great deal even when they are not. You can offer free shipping by simply increasing your prices, so you can improve your conversion rate without having to compromise your finances.

  • Tweak the Checkout Process

Long checkout processes can frustrate or bore your customers, as they may not have the time or the patience to endure complex steps to buy a product or service. As a result, you could lose customers who were originally happy to buy from your business. It might be helpful to perform split testing to tweak the checkout process, so you can prevent abandoned carts and increase sales. If possible, try to provide your customers with a single page checkout experience, which features a few dropdowns and a view of their purchases.

  • Prove a Website is Safe to Increase Trust

With many unscrupulous websites online, consumers might be wary about who they buy their products or services from, especially if they are purchasing goods from an unknown brand for the first time. If you want to increase your conversion rate, you must indicate on your website that a visitor can trust your company, so they are willing to enter their financial information. For example, you should incorporate small images of credit card payment options, PayPal, and other payment gateways. This will provide a visual indication that you provide trusted third-party payment options, so there will be no risk to their finances when they purchase a product from your website.

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