As a digital marketer, your job is to promote brands and the products and services they offer to their target audiences. It’s a job you do well, and you have lots of satisfied clients, many of whom provide you with repeat business.

But have you noticed how challenging it is to promote yourself, yet you have no issue with promoting other people and brands? If you’re struggling to promote your digital marketing services, here are some simple suggestions to help you out:

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1. Establish Credibility and Authority

The sad truth about the marketing services you provide is that thousands of other people, just like you, are also trying to promote themselves in the market. How can you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

One way is by establishing credibility and authority. Marketing experts like Stephanie Camello have noted that content marketing is crucial to marketing yourself. Creating and distributing quality content that strikes a chord with your core audience makes perfect sense.

2. Play an Active Role on Social Media

Don’t be a digital marketer that only updates their social media profiles once in a blue moon. Instead, you should play an active role and publish relevant content to your audience regularly.

Facebook and Twitter are two social media platforms worthy of your attention. You should also maintain a LinkedIn profile to help build up your professional network. As with Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn lets you publish posts to your audience. Make your content count!

3. Get Involved in Networking Events

The COVID-19 pandemic has put in-person networking events on hold, but they still occur on a virtual basis through mediums such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Despite the current health crisis, you can still get involved in local and regional networking events.

Why are networking events so crucial to promoting yourself as a digital marketer? Firstly, they help you spread awareness about your brand, and secondly, you’ll be more memorable to people than companies that constantly cold-call and email potential marketing prospects.

4. Create Some Case Studies

You will undoubtedly have a website that describes the marketing services you offer. That’s great, but what people also want to know is how your work benefited your clients. The way to achieve that is by publishing some verifiable case studies on your site.

Case studies typically describe a brand’s problem, talk about how a service like yours resolved the issue, and give verifiable proof such as statistics to illustrate or measure the success of all work carried out.

5. Apply Your Marketing Tactics to Yourself

You already know how to market brands and the right methods to achieve the best results. With that in mind, you need to apply those marketing tactics to yourself as you’re also a brand!

It might feel weird thinking of yourself as another client or in the third person. But, doing so might help you focus on the methods needed to market yourself better online.

Good luck!

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