add new post wordpressThere are areas of your business that you think you do by internally. It is like the areas of your home you convince yourself don?t need professional help because a little bit of DIY will do the trick. The thing is, you?re wrong. Just like at home, your business needs as much help as possible even if it isn?t apparent. A website is a perfect example. Thanks to advances like WordPress, it is easy to build a site and never hire an expert. Here are five reasons to avoid this scenario like the plague.

The Cost

?Isn?t WordPress free? So it doesn't cost a penny?!? Yes, WordPress and other similar sites are free, which is a positive. The negative is you pay for what you get. And, because you don?t pay anything, you don?t receive much in return. Sure, they are a few styles you can use that look quite professional, but thousands of other people use them, too. Good sites cost money because the money pays for the bespoke themes that make your site unique.

The TimeThe Time

The same mentality goes for the amount of time it takes to build a quality site. Excellent websites don?t sprout up overnight. Ok, the bare bones might be easy to put together, but it takes months of hard work to get it almost perfect. Any website that only takes an hour to create won?t be able to mix it with the big boys.


Due to the lack of themes at your disposal, a site from a free vendor will look like it is free. That doesn?t mean it won?t look the part, but it won?t stand out from the crowd. It might be perfectly passable, yet you shouldn?t settle for acceptable. An excellent site is a site that wows people when they land. The only way to do that is to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. You might think people are shallow, but it is human nature. The secret to a top site is making a good impression, and you do that by looking the part.

The Support

Sometimes, a simple question can put the most complex problems into perspective. By asking, ?who is going to maintain and look after the site?? you will realise you need help. Let?s face it ? it?s much better to go online at and use their expertise to save time and energy. Apart from time, it will also save you money. Good hosts can tackle any problem and fix them before they escalate out of control. Being online 24/7 is imperative in this age because going offline leads your customers to your competitors.


Remember the phrase, ?you get what you pay for?? Good, because nothing could be truer when it comes to websites. Forget about the aesthetics for a minute as this isn?t what performance means. Performance means how well your site handles an influx of traffic or how well the software works. Poorly constructed sites crash as soon as they run into trouble, whereas good sites thrive under pressure. And guess what? The best sites come from the professionals.

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