Video marketing is always a perfect content material for many consumers online. Different statistics back this up. At least four out of five users on Twitter watch video content posted on their feed. A total of 500 million hours of content watches Youtube every day. Lastly, one out of two online users seeks for video contents of a product before deciding if s/he will purchase one.

However, these kinds of videos should be compelling enough for people to leave a lasting effect. Thus, the creation of personalized video contents. These videos are building engagement opportunities to give a memorable experience to your audience. In this article, High Tower Video Production will give you five different advantages and benefits of using personalized video marketing. Sit back and continue reading, you may not know that this innovation might change your business.

1. Boosts Conversion and Sales

Personalized campaigns and contents have a significant impact on the performance of different e-commerce companies. The biggest benefit for personalized contents, especially videos, is boosting of conversions and sales.

Both videos and personalized contents have huge impacts on conversions and sales. What will happen if you combine those two into one content? The potential for success is very high. Most marketers noticed a 20% increase in sales when they use personalized contents. Consumers have a 64-84% chance of buying a purchase after watching a video on the shop's site.

Personalized video content is a good idea if you need more profit for your business. Also, the potential of having significant influence and higher sales and conversion rates is very likely.

2. Increases People?s Trust

Trustworthy and reliability is one of the many aims of every brand online. If you have achieved that image of your brand to your audience, it can give you a big lead from your competitors. Different contents can help you have a credible and reliable image, but personalized video contents can do the work for you.

Personalized videos can give a compelling impression to your audience. With the combination of building a relationship to your audience and creating a memorable content for them, personalized videos can easily increase the trust of your audience to your brand ? not only that benefit but also leaving a lasting memory to them, which will make your content hard to forget and imprinted to them.

Focus your video content on your customers' values, needs, and other information about them that should have a connection to your brand or products.

3. Appeals to Mobile Users

Videos appeal to different mobile and smartphone users. Videos are most likely watched through the use of a smartphone or any mobile device. Based on many research and studies over the past years, online users are very comfortable watching video content and longer contents through their mobile phones.

With this data and information, you need to take advantage of this phenomenon. Since videos appeal to many users, your personalized video contents are perfect for mobile users. People are watching videos through handheld devices because of the experience brought by videos on mobile. Your brand needs to create a unique experience with the video content you are creating on their smartphones.

4. Converts Well on Facebook

Facebook has updated their rules and policies for having exposure for video contents on news feeds. Videos are perfect for Facebook. There are different ideas on what videos you can create for your Facebook marketing. You can either make paid video ads for your brand to widen the reach of your brand image or create video contents for your customers to build a relationship and strengthen your ties.

Another idea is using the Facebook Live feature and create personalized videos with it. You can have real-time experience with your customers, and at the same time, it can be still viewed even after the live streaming. It is also important to make your first seconds of the video compelling and fascinating to sustain the attention of your viewers. Lastly, captions should also be interesting to draw your audience's attention. Facebook is mainly made for relationship-building and connection to people, use that wisely using your personalized video contents.

5. Effective Way of Communication

Videos are a perfect way to convey a message to your audience. Not only it is an interesting way to be a medium of a message, but also it can transmit a message because it is dynamic content and not static. Also, videos can help you angle a message based on its main aim. You can frame your message to be urgent or appealing depending on your video execution.

Final Thoughts

Personalized video contents are still on the rise in this generation of content creation. Its potential is also not measured to its highest point. However, it is sure that personalized video marketing can undoubtedly give you different benefits in your business. After reading these five different benefits, we hope that you will try to create one and have significant advantages to your business.

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