Website Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Businesses should have New Year?s resolutions just like individuals do. The new year is a great opportunity to implement fresh ideas that can help your business to grow, or perhaps 2018 will be the year you finally put your entrepreneurial hat on and start that business you?ve always dreamed about. Either way, you need a website, or you need to refurb your website for a fresh and optimized new start to the year. Here are 4 trends to watch out for in 2018.

Mobile Friendly

Each year, more people are turning to their smartphones when surfing the internet. Rather than switch on their laptops or use their desktop, mobile phones are proving more convenient. By having a website that is optimized to be mobile friendly, you can improve traffic, which, in turn, improves your sales and your bottom line. In 2018, it is even more important to get mobile-friendly, however, as this is the year that Google is planning to roll out its Mobile First Index, which will place more importance on websites that have a mobile-optimized site, showing them first in rankings. It?s not just about SEO anymore, and that is important to remember.

Use of Grids

As years go by, the trend in aesthetics changes. Whereas in the 70s it was de rigueur to have busy brown wallpaper in the kitchen, in the 21st century we prefer (generally) a more classic, clean approach. The same is true of websites. Things change, and what was considered appealing a decade ago is no longer what is required to make your website somewhere people want to visit. In 2018, the look of your website may be going to change again, this time to incorporate an irregular grid layout. If that sounds like a foreign language, don?t worry ? that?s what website designers are for. Speak to a professional about redoing your website to incorporate this trend, and get ahead of the curve. Remember, an expert web designer will be able to help you whether you need with HVAC websites, or if you?re a retail e-commerce business, etc.


Bright Colors

Once you have your modern design set up by your web designer, you?ll want to start thinking about the overall look of the website. Again, this is something that the professionals can help with once you have an idea of what you want. The trend for 2018 is for bright, bold colors that really pop from the page and catch the attention. No more minimalistic white spaces and black fonts ? it?s time to change things up and use some wacky and wild colors. It?s good to look at what your competitors are doing and try to choose different colors from them if you can; you need to show how different you are.


Apps are hugely popular and take up a large amount of time when it comes to people using their smartphones and tablets. For 2018, the idea is that apps will be used on websites as well, bringing the portable feeling of a mobile device to the entirety of the internet. These apps won?t be quite the same as those found on a smartphone (the technology is different in many cases) but will be a hybrid of those apps we know and love and the web itself. They will be called progressive web apps, and throughout 2018 you will start to see them popping up on websites across all sectors.

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