Video marketing can be effective and useful, but only if you do it right. This campaign started with long videos and advertisements people used to enjoy, but nowadays, the average viewer?s attention span is too short for them to keep up with a long video. You need to combat this by creating an effective ad which gets straight to the point in a matter of seconds. This can be very challenging and downright impossible, but it?s not all bad. There are still ways you can benefit from your viewer?s short attention span and improve your business.

1. Hook them immediately

In order to have a successful video, you need to pique the viewers? interest in the first few seconds of the video. Fail to do so, and the whole thing will be for nothing. Take cooking videos, for example. In order to keep people watching, they need to show the finished product first and then how to make it. If the video starts with the making process right away, the viewer isn?t likely to stick around and risk wasting a few minutes and not like the finished product.

Of course, it?s not always possible to catch the viewer?s attention in the first frame. It all depends on the kind of video you?re making. That being said, a good rule of thumb is the 8-second rule. If you don?t hook them in the first eight seconds, try again.

2. Opt for short videos

Shorter videos go hand in hand with a short attention span. With a short video, you don?t have to focus on the story as much as on the message. It needs to be something meaningful but only lasting a couple of seconds. That allows you to get straight to the point.

It?s always a good idea to pique their interest by using emotions.?Companies that specialize in creating short but impactful videos like 1 minute media suggest you make your video emotional, and you?re bound to get a response.?From anger and sadness to love and happiness- it?ll all at your disposal.

3. Create a strong title

The title can set the tone for the whole video. It?s the first thing the viewer will see so it needs to be captivating and engaging. The title is what draws your clients in and makes them want to look at the video. Try to be as creative as possible. The best titles make statements and provoke people. This kick-starts the thinking process and makes your audience unable to resist watching the video.

It?s also a good idea to stay away from tacky titles which seem like click-bait since more and more people are appalled with this method and avoid titles like that. That being said, if you want to reach a certain type of audience, your title should be a bit more specific. This way, it?ll be more relevant for your target audience and make them want to engage with the content.

4. Stick to your brand voice

If you make your video align with your brand voice, you?re more likely to get a response. After all, you?ll seem honest and authentic as well as relevant. People like a consistent story, so sticking with your voice will make them trust you more. What?s more, this means you can skip the introductions and the story entirely.

People are already familiar with your brand and what it stands for, so it?s redundant to point that out again in your videos. If your brand is all about family values, your shorts should feature families having fun together and enjoying each other?s company, for example. You can even create a series of captivating sequences with the same characters to keep your viewers coming back. Of course, you need to be extra creative to pull this off.

As you can see, the only thing that has to change is your approach to the issue. When you stop looking it at as something impossible and tiring you have to figure out, you?ll start making progress. After all, marketing has always been a puzzle, and this is just a new piece of it. Benefiting from your viewer?s short attention span may seem hard in the beginning, but with the right attitude, you?ll draw them right in.

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