The global pandemic has decimated many industries worldwide. Hospitality, entertainment, sports, and retail have all suffered enormously from reduced customer numbers and government restrictions. But several businesses have escaped unscathed, and in some cases, even thrived throughout this difficult time. The e-commerce industry has benefited from the increase in online shopping, and the need to entertain ourselves at home has provided a lot of business for the streaming giants.

If you are considering starting your own business from home in 2021, you need to be sure that it can survive these turbulent times. It’s harder than ever to get a business off the ground, and uncertainty about the future makes it even more of a challenge. It will require a lot of hard work and motivation to make your dream a reality.

If you are determined to launch your home business, here are four tips to help you succeed.

Make a business plan

If you don’t have a business plan, you will find it very difficult to succeed. This plan is essentially a roadmap for success, outlining your specific business goals and the strategies you will employ to reach them. This will enable you to keep track of your progress and analyze how well your business is performing at any one time. It will provide extra motivation to work hard and achieve results, as well as informing all your decisions and guiding you on the best actions to take.

Create your workspace

When you are working from home, you will need a dedicated workspace in which to carry out your day-to-day tasks. With the freedom that comes from home-working, it might be tempting to sometimes work from your bed or sprawled on the sofa, but this won't get you in the business mindset. Whether you have your own office or are just using the dining room table, an organized, fully-equipped workspace will make it easier to get things done. Fill it with all the technology and stationery you require and make yourself more comfortable with an ergonomic desk chair.

Have a schedule

When you run your own business, no one is forcing you to start working at 9 am and clock out at 5. You have the freedom to manage your workload according to your own schedule. But what’s important is not letting your work and personal life blur into one. When your office and your home are the same place, you can end up working well into the early hours and not giving yourself a break. It’s important you create a work schedule. This doesn't have to be the same every day, but it should provide clear guidance for when to close the laptop and give yourself a break.

Grow your network

Getting ahead in business is all about how you know, and when you’re working from home, it’s hard to grow your network. Make an effort to meet people, whether through conferences, trade events, or asking people to introduce you to their contacts. The more people you know, the more likely you’ll be to find new opportunities and customers.

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