The office space is the headquarters of your business’s operations. So it should reflect the kind of work you do in there. When you’ve got the right office design that matches with your business, you will increase employee loyalty and productivity. Moreover, you can attract more clients for projects.

Given the fact that office layout and design has a lot of impact on your business, it is vital that you are aware that the office space should adapt to your business needs. This is especially true for ever-growing businesses.

However, when do you know that it’s high time to do a complete redesign of your office space? Below are four signs that will tell you exactly when the time is right for an office overhaul.

When it Hurts Your Productivity

The office space should be the one place that employees are in the zone. It should be where employees are able to power through a significant amount of work without compromising on quality.

However, in some cases, the office space may be the cause of a lack of productivity. Whether it’s poor noise canceling ability or lack of privacy, the layout of your office plays a strong role in workplace productivity.

For example, if you lack spaces for collaboration and only have cubicles, it can be a hindrance to assignments that require casual but professional meeting places.

Maybe the open-plan office layout isn’t working for your office just like many other workplaces because of a lack of privacy. If you find that your employees aren’t working as well as they should be, then listen to their feedback and maybe it’s time to ditch the old office layout for something better.

Increase of Employees

Companies that are receiving tremendous growth in business can expect an increase in the number of employees. However, this growth can be a major sign that you need a massive overhaul on the design of your office space.

Other signs that the office space is no longer able to fulfill the day-to-day needs of the employees are the lack of space. If you find that most meeting rooms are completely booked day in and out, then it’s time for a major redesign.

Otherwise, you may end up dealing with cabin fever amongst your employees, with them constantly bumping elbows against each other.

An office that is overcrowded is not just inconvenient, but it can also be a work hazard. So it is best that you plan a redesign soon if you find overcrowding to be a problem in the workplace.

Company Growth

If you are projecting growth in the future of your company, it may be time for an office redesign. This way you can prevent the overcrowding problem and equip your employees right before the significant growth of the company.

When thinking about the development of your business, you should also take into account the office space. However, if due to budget constraints you find yourself stuck between choosing whether to invest in the growth of the company or to office redesign, then there are temporary solutions you can do.

Coworking spaces are an excellent alternative that is affordable and effective. It is a suitable temporary solution until you get your bearings and finish redesigning the office.

Sometimes the growth of your company can fluctuate so the key here is to find the right office design that isn’t too crowded but isn’t too empty should the company experience some downsizing.

You Want to Impress Potential Clients

The office space is a reflection of the work that you do as well as the ethics of the company. Thus, it is essential to the image of a business that the office space is appropriate and attractive to both employees and clients.

A complete revamp of your office may just be what you need to close the deal on that potential client. According to Maid Sailors, NYC Office Cleaning provider, a redesign of office space is especially beneficial to growing small businesses.

Small businesses aren’t usually investing in the look of their company as much as their operation. This includes sales and, marketing. However, this can make them look like the beginners in the industry and it can make clients hesitant to work with them.

With a major redesign, however, you can create an atmosphere of professionalism and appear as seasoned industry experts. Even an upgrade on the reception area will improve a client’s first impression of your office space.

Redesigning your office space can cost money. However, this is an investment that you are making for your business. If you are seeing any of the signs above, then it is high time that you invest in the long-term sustainability of your business by first improving the company’s layout.

Make sure to only do redesigns that are within your budget and are appropriate for the work that you do. You can ask for your employees’ opinion to find out if they have any gripes about the current office layout and you can take it from there.

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