When you choose to run your own business, YOU want to run your business. The idea of outsourcing any department or service in your business to someone else is a four-letter word that makes you shrug your shoulders. No way would you ever outsource to anyone: you have bigger and better ideas for your business than that!

Here’s the thing: you cannot do it all. No, really. You cannot do everything. Unless you have qualified in IT, finance, marketing and sales all at once, you’re not going to be a master of any trade, just a Jack of them all. It’s not what your business needs and, to be frank, your business will sink under the weight of that level of arrogance. It’s a blunt truth, but it’s one that will hopefully see that you are going to be a far more respected and stronger business leader when you own what you can do and let go of the rest. With that in mind, we’re going to discuss four different services that you SHOULD look to outsource if you want to be successful.

Working in a group

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As a business leader, you need to be very aware of what’s going on in your business finances to be able to run it properly. This doesn't mean that you need to know all of the ins and outs and unless you have a finance or accounting degree, you’re not going to manage it. You need a professional who can keep an eye on the ins and outs of your money at all times, as you simply do not have the time for that!

Customer Services

When you first start out in your business, you are the epicentre of your customer service strategy. As you grow, this gets to be a little too much. You cannot answer every single phone call and email, while also replying to the live chat that you’ve set up! Find an affordable outsourcing service for customer service and manage it from a distance. You won’t regret the time that you took to hire someone else to take this off your hands and still offer your customers exactly what you want to offer them.


Marketing services are made up of so many different pieces that you need some help. You can market your business yourself, but if you can’t run the website and deal with digital marketing and SEO all at the same time, then you need help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help, so go and ask for it!


It’s the back office action that you don't have time to handle, but business admin needs to get done if you want your business to run well. Answering calls and filling your calendar, booking meeting rooms and getting your clients on board for meetings are all busy jobs, and that’s why you should look at getting in a virtual assistant.

Outsourcing is a cheaper alternative to hiring people to work with you in the office, and it could be everything that your business needs.

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