Your business means a lot to you. Every single facet of it is incredibly valuable. From digital aspects like your business website, all the way through to physical items like the products you sell. If anything gets compromised, it can spell problems for your small company. As a consequence, you need to take strict security measures into account.

The modern business faces a lot of foes. Some of these you can see – like burglars – others lurk in the shadows – like hackers. Nevertheless, you need to arm yourself with some modern security tools/ideas to protect your company from any harm.

If you keep on reading, you’ll see some excellent security suggestions for your business:

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Ethical hackers

What better way to protect your business against hackers than by employing some hackers of your own? Hacking gets a pretty bad rap because it’s always spoken about negatively. However, you can use hacking to bolster the security of your IT network. An ethical hacker is someone who works with your business and tries to breach your network security system. They will then pinpoint all the weak spots and tell you how you can improve. Ultimately, it’s like an audit of your security system. You learn all of your weaknesses and can fix them. This is a great way to keep your network secure, which will also protect your business website from being hacked. If that were to happen, you could miss out on lots of business and compromise so much data.


A drone works really well as a mobile security camera for your business. As such, it’s more for protection against physical threats. If you have a business location that you need to keep secure, then a drone comes in very handy. As it shows on, some drones have been specifically made for commercial purposes. So, find one that suits your needs and can be used as a reliable security drone. Many businesses have used drones to add extra security to outdoor events as well. Let’s say you’re hosting a conference or a business event outdoors – and there are lots of people – then a drone up high casts a look down upon everyone. You can spot security threats as they happen, preventing them from being major issues.

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A virtual private network is a handy security tool for modern business. It’s especially vital for any companies that spend a lot of time online. The aim of a VPN is to provide more privacy when you browse the web. You can use a VPN to protect your internet privacy using encryption technology. In essence, it becomes harder for people to see what you’re doing. From a business standpoint, this can also protect your internet connection in the office. It makes it far less likely that someone can hack your connection or spy on what you’re doing. We live in a strange age, so there’s no telling what a rival business might do to try and gain the upper hand! VPNs are simple and affordable, and you can set one up in a matter of minutes. If you care about internet security, this is something you need to have.


You’ve got a smartphone, right? How do you unlock it? Most of you will use a fingerprint or face scanner. This is biometrics, and you can utilize the technology to make your business more secure. Instead of using fingerprints to unlock a phone, you can use them to unlock doors. This could be a great access system that controls who is allowed into your building. Only people whose fingerprints have been registered can actually enter the office. Otherwise, they’ll need someone to come down and let them in. This can prevent so many security threats as you stop people from walking inside as they please. Other access system methods are available, but they have flaws. A pin code can be memorized if someone is spying on the door. A simple lock can easily be picked! You can’t replicate a fingerprint or a face or a retina.

Alternatively, you can use biometrics to secure specific places in your workplace. For example, let’s say you have a server room. This is a great place for a biometric lock as it provides extra security to protect your servers.

No matter how big your business is, it needs to be secure. Whether you’re an online business or one with a physical presence, various threats will exist. Consider using any of these tools or ideas to bolster your security.

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