Despite the wide range of communications tools now available, email is still one that businesses and business people use the most on a daily basis. Emails give you that sense of formality and professionalism. There are etiquettes to follow, but modern email messaging is very robust.

You can choose to run a large email marketing campaign to attract clients and generate interest. If the goal is to earn new clients and boost sales, however, a more personalised approach works better most of the time. Here are the top three tips you can try if you want to use emails to boost sales and earn new clients.

Know Who to Contact

Every business has a decision maker, especially when it comes to staging events. Knowing who to contact is half the battle; sending your personalised promotional email or offer to the right person in the company will greatly boost your conversion rate.

There are plenty of resources you can use to discover the right person to contact. LinkedIn, for example, lets you connect with key figures in different companies. You can find out about the position and responsibility of each person you want to contact in just a few clicks.

You can also use services such as The Email Finder to figure out the email address for key figures in a company. It is a good approach because you don?t have to worry about your promotional email not reaching its intended targets. For more information about how to use The Email Finder, check out the company?s website.

Build Relationships

Hard-selling is a thing of the past. You may get one or two additional clients by trying to sell you services directly, but it is certainly not the way to build relationships. The latter is what you really want to do. You can get more businesses in the long run by maintaining a genuine relationship with the decision makers.

Starting is always the tricky bit. The best way to get started is by introducing yourself, your company, and the services you provide. You can add a couple of paragraphs or lines explaining the kind of services you offer. End the email with a sincere request to connect.

Pay Attention to Context

As mentioned before, an email that is too sales-oriented isn?t the kind of email you want to send. Instead, the email needs to be contextual. You can spend some extra time researching the person or the target company. Find talking points that can be added to the email for a more personalised approach.

Let?s say the person has just been promoted to his current position. This is information you can easily find online thanks to social networking sites. You can then congratulate the person in your email, turning that information into a positive, highly personalised gesture that will help you start a fruitful relationship.

As you can see, using emails to earn new clients is not as complicated as you think. Instead of sending mass emails and hoping for responses, try the personalised approach we just discussed in this article and get better results.

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