As a business innovator in an ever-changing and fast-paced world, you must build time-management practices into your workday. Try out one or all of these tips to make your day more efficient.

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Use a Web Crawler

If you have not been properly introduced to the virtues of web crawling, it is time. A web crawler search engine is an incredibly useful tool for your business. Its main function is to search the internet so you can spend your valuable time elsewhere. Web crawlers remove the need for manual search engine queries by becoming automated processes.

Web crawlers are useful for searching for a variety of things, such as finding mentions or reviews of your company online and securing leads. It is indispensable in researching your competitors’ content, products, and services, including relevant information. They are set up to scour for the information you otherwise manually search for and then send alerts in real-time. Searching for relevant industry contact information is unproductive and time-consuming. Web crawling performs this menial task with ease and accuracy.

Employ a Password Manager

Whether in your business or personal life, you are probably overflowing with unique and hard-to-recall passwords. Safety and efficiency are lost when you choose the same password over and over for all of your accounts. When it comes to work, you are not only safeguarding yourself and your work content, but you are also safeguarding the company and its intellectual property. To that end, carrying a password book or a scrap of paper with passwords haphazardly written is not effective either.

Try a password manager to keep your passwords safe instead of worrying about where they are and how you can remember them all. A password manager is a program or app in which you securely store passwords. It will even assist you in creating new, strong passwords when you need a new one. Password management programs can store additional personal information such as credit cards and banking details so that you do not have to.

Here is a video to guide you through the benefits of using a password manager.

Make a Schedule for Tech

The advent of technology has been wonderful for humankind. It has also proven to be a time-waster. With your ever-present smartphone, you are always available and reachable. While it may seem that this leads to greater productivity, it does not. If you are constantly responding to the sound of an incoming message or request on your phone (or any other device), then you are not staying focused on the task at hand. Even private personal time should be separated from work responsibilities so that you can recharge and refresh and then go back to work revitalized.

To that end, start by determining what hours during any given day you must be available for work obligations. Now, look at the remaining time. Carve out a schedule for sustenance, personal and family time, and any wiggle room where you are off-duty but available. Once that is done, craft some out-of-office or OOO messages to use when you are unavailable. This will alert people that you have received their text, call, or message, etc. but are not accessible at present. When those requesting your time know when you will get back to them or be available, they will wait for you instead of continuing to make contact, thus avoiding filling up your inbox or feed.

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Work hard and work smart are words to live by. Make your business practices and life easy by utilizing efficient technological tools to get the job done well.

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