With big brands like Chloe, Mercedes and Capital One jumping on the social influencer marketing trend and using them to increase brand visibility, and help more people notice their ads, small business owners would do well to get on the same train right now.?A smart person once said, “stocks are gold when the taxi driver on the street hasn't heard of them”. The same thing applies to marketing strategies. Now is the right time to get into social influencer marketing before it becomes public knowledge and the market becomes saturated and fiercely competitive.

To do this. However, you'll need to know what to look for in a social influencer. Choosing the right social influencer for your campaign is just as important as the ad campaign itself. Align your brand with the wrong influencer and you're wasting money. That said, here are the things you need to look out for before choosing a social influencer to promote your brand and products.

Reach, Influence and Relevance?
Social influencers are often selected regarding how much influence they exert over their audience and the size of their audience. However, please note that reach isn't the most important metric out there. The relevance is also extremely important.
You might want to resist the urge to look at parameters like unique visitors, and instead, focus on how relevant the audience is. For instance, a gardener with 200,000 Youtube subscribers is less important than a travel blogger with a reach of 50,000 on Pinterest if you're a hotel or restaurant looking to increase your reach.?Influence is also key. How much engagement is apparent from their social platforms? Is there increased interactions and activity from every post, picture or video upload? How rabidly do their audiences consume their content? These will help you determine if they are the right fit for your brand.

Trust and Credibility
These days, marketing without credibility is a total crock. People are more likely to buy from people, personalities and brand they trust than those they don't. So, if you'll be picking a social influencer, you need to be sure that their audiences trust them and think of them as credible.
Check out their interactions on their platforms to see if they have the necessary clout. More important, see if they have a lot of sponsored content and posts on their websites or social media platforms. This is important because influencers with less sponsored content are more likely to be taken seriously and trusted than those without.

Platforms and Rate
These are also very important if you want to succeed with your campaigns. Some platforms just don't work well with certain brands. For instance, image or video based platforms work better for food and restaurant brands. So, look at their platform(s). Some influencers have multiple presences on multiple platforms.?So, check to see if they are a good fit for your brand. Then, there's also the issue or pricing or how much they will be charging for their services. Whatever prices they throw at you, always know that you can negotiate their rates. However, you want to be considerate and offer a worthwhile rate.

Social influencer platforms like Neoreach have made all these very easy. With Neoreach, you will find social influencers who have a history of consistently delivering great results for brands at reasonable rates.?If you don't want to go through all the stress of manually sorting them out, NeoReach'ssocial influencer platform is the best place to find instantly and interact with influencers whose information, data, and ability to deliver excellent results that are verified.

As a freelance writer and small business owner, Oscar King?enjoys creating articles for his readers with information on running a smooth and effective business. If you would like to learn more about Oscar, you can check out his google+ profile.

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