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There are many reasons that you can run a great business blog, but ensuring that a great business blog is actually great is about the underlying components. The fact is that if you want to set up a great business blog, it's not just about the content, but it's about making sure that you are ticking all of the relevant boxes in terms of the algorithm, and making it valuable. So let's go beyond the basics and show you what you need. 

Use a CMS

A CMS (Content Management System) is vital to making sure that content is regularly posted. Regular content that is shareable and valuable makes a massive difference in attracting visitors to your website. One of the fundamentals of any SEO course is in creating fresh and valuable content. And for those small businesses looking to constantly send out fresh content, it can become tiring. This is why a CMS can make a big difference to your efficiency by doing the hard work for you. There are many CMS providers out there and use plugins to enhance the functionality of the website. 

Sharing Your Content

It sounds obvious but sharing your content is going to drive traffic in the right direction. Many websites link their social platforms to their content management system so posts are shared across all the social platforms, but it's important to link each post to a prior post to encourage visitors to learn more. You need to keep visitors on your site longer, which will decrease the bounce rate and will translate into more traffic. 

Going Beyond the Basics

We certainly appreciate the irony of a post like this where a business blog topic is widely spoken of; however, there are places for the basics, but when you are focused on a business blog, this is the ideal opportunity for you to drill down into deep subject matter. You only have to look at a website like Linkedin to see how many leaders really dig deep into posts about thought leadership, and what's more, are providing a very human angle to it. One of the biggest mistakes many business blogs make is in dehumanizing everything thinking that it has to be regimented, but it's important to remember that a great blog is going to communicate itself far better than something that's a bit more rigid. While at the same time, we have to remember that each blog uses unique long-tail keywords, but it's about creating a blog like it's a jigsaw puzzle. Using those keywords sparingly, and making sure you are tired with the subject matter is going to make something more readable. Ultimately, it depends on your business and some people prefer to use more formal language, while others like to use a more chatty approach. It's important to use SEO techniques so you can drive traffic, but remember that one of the most important SEO tactics is good content that is readable.

Any marketing campaign thrives on the impact of a good blog, which is why you should never underestimate this key component. 

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