3 Creative Ways to Tell Your Compelling Business Story

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The objective of telling a story is to make known how something came about. A story can be memorable or dull, depending on how it is narrated. Companies often desire to reach out to their target audience by telling a compelling story about how the company began. While some succeed at it, others fail abysmally. A US Business Analyst, Allen Hillary, believes messages delivered as stories are 22 times more impactful and memorable than mere facts. Read on to find out how to tell your compelling business story.

  1. Establish who or what the character of the story is

Every good story has the main character around whom the narrative spins. Therefore, you need to establish who or what must be your main character in telling your compelling business story. If the company began as your idea and by dint of hard work and commitment, you managed to get it off the ground, portray yourself as the protagonist. However, if you prefer to remain in the background and project the business as the main character, let your story do that.

Nonetheless, no matter who gets to be the protagonist, you must establish what kind of character they will be. For example, is your goal to project the main character as a team builder, savvy analyst, or a dream builder? No matter what you choose to go with, the rule of thumb is to remain consistent and authentic throughout the story.

  1. Employ audio-visual means to show your audience why you care

The moving image is the new language of today and the future. Fortunately, the 2020 smartphone penetration rate in the US stood at 72.2%. This provides fertile ground for more than two-thirds of the US population to have easy access to audio-visual content every thirty seconds. Convincing your target market or audience about how much you care has to be handled tactfully without coming across as patronizing. Many business storytellers make the mistake of pulling their audience down the rabbit hole. That shouldn’t be your style.

Today, with the help of digital technology, you can tell your story via corporate video production services. Videos capture attention even more than a PowerPoint presentation would. Also known as the moving picture, videos can capture the entire essence of a compelling narrative in a matter of minutes.

With the help of social media platforms, your corporate videos will reach a wider audience than traditional media channels can. As a tip, avoid using long, winding story-telling techniques that will most likely bore your target audience. You will achieve better results with a more concise and succinct method. More companies are putting up 2 – 3 minutes’ videos on their website’s homepage to draw more people in recent times.

  1. Get Personal

Getting personal in your business storytelling requires a great deal of creativity. It is necessary to make your target audience identify with the subject matter and the theme of the entire business story. This is the one crucial part of storytelling, which makes people agree that the protagonist (as mentioned in point 1) must be a person and not the company per se.

Naturally, people identify with animate things and see themselves reflected in like characters. Therefore, highlighting challenges or struggles and how you overcame them are necessary topics to tackle. Always remember that your target market will identify with a personality and not a faceless company.

Finally, make it a point to weave truth into your story. Your audience is discerning and can quickly point out grey areas in your account. Many businesses have fallen into this trap and paid heavily to redeem their image. Others who couldn’t work through the damage went down under. Therefore, always be mindful of the points raised here.

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