I just want to share my experience with 1800flowers today. I had a very bad experience with this company and ant to warn you guys to stay away from it. I am not promoting or demoting any company, just sharing my real life experience with you guys…

Why I required the services of 1800 flowers?

I utilized their services to offer a little token of affection for my grandmother. You see I really love my grandmother and I wanted to bring a smile to her face. As the 1800 flowers say, they deliver smiles with choosing fresh flowers and delivering it to people, I was influenced by that. I browsed their website, chose the flowers for my grandmother and ordered it to be delivered on her birthday.

What I was expecting and what actually happened?

As I ordered the flowers 5 days before my grandmother?s birthday, I expected the 1800 flowers would deliver the boxed flowers in a timely manner. But what actually happened is that I made a fool of myself. The flowers did not reach my grandmother.

What happened next?

1800flowers reviewWell obviously I called up the company and wanted to know about the 1800flowers problem that kept them from sending the flowers. Their customer service people just apologized and promised to send the flowers I had selected (and paid for) as soon as possible. This time the flowers did arrive but only after 5 days from the decided date. The flowers were also not fresh. They were wilted which made me very angry. I called up their customer service again but got no response. They even refused to give back my money. They kept on insisting that I buy something else from their store and use that money for it. They did not understand the fact that I didn?t needed any flowers now as the precious occasion has already passed. I just wanted my money back so that I can use it for any other thing rather than seeing it going down the drain by ordering from 1800flowers again.

What will I do now?

To begin with I am trying to spread the word about what kind of cheat the 1800 flower company is. I am going to promote this genuine 1800flowers review as much as I can. I insist you guys to never buy flowers from this fraud website as you would only be wasting your money. I have decided to buy flowers from local flower vendors like FTD.com.

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