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Nick Throlson Professional Web Designer, I grew up in Southern California with a technology-filled life. I discovered computers in elementary school and I loved them. I remember the first time I went on Yahoo.com – I knew then that I wanted to pursue a career in computers.

I began working at McDonald's soon after graduation and worked my way up to manager. I worked full-time, then came home and worked on several of my websites trying to make some extra cash. I did quite well and became a performance marketer, affiliate marketer, and entrepreneur.

In June 2006, I started Throlson LLC and operated it through Nov. 2012, but life really began to look up when I started thinking about my education. I returned to school in 2009, majoring in Computer Information Systems. Money is great, but education is the key to success. ? I'm currently pursuing my Doctorate in Computer Info Systems.

From Nov. 2010 to April 2013, I was an educational assistant at Norco College, incorporating technology into all aspects of the curriculum and guiding students through coursework. I became an IT Specialist at Allegra Marketing-Print-Mail in Corona, CA in May 2013 to July 2016 I designed and developed web pages and applications, graphics, multimedia, and Social Media Management while at Allegra Corona.

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In Aug. 2013, I joined Toastmasters International, an amazing organization that helps people build public speaking and leadership skills. Successfully running as Area Governor in 2014- 2015 for Area E1 District 12 Toastmasters leading up to being Division Director for 2015-2016 leading the Division E to presidents Distinguished working with a team and providing leadership for over 20 local Toastmaster clubs.

2018 What A year welcoming my beautiful daughter into this world being a father is one of the greatest gifts. I continue to help small local business grow with optimized websites using WordPress CMS & Wix.com platform for easy website editing and professional design.

2020 Rebranding to Web Guy Nick easy to remember name we have 2 full time employees help websites with re-designs & graphics work.

Nick Throlson Professional Web Designer

My blog, lets me express myself and help others grow and expand their business. Learning from others is key. I can?t emphasize that enough. That? is why I made my blog a place for working together as a group and as friends. I hope you enjoy it and come back soon.

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