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Introducing Nick Throlson, an accomplished web designer with roots in Southern California. From a young age, technology and computers captivated Nick, with a visit to Yahoo.com sparking his desire to build a career in the field.

Upon graduation, Nick began his journey at McDonald's, advancing to a managerial role. While working full-time, he developed various websites to earn extra income, eventually becoming a performance marketer, affiliate marketer, and entrepreneur.

In June 2006, Nick founded Throlson LLC, which he ran until November 2012. However, his focus shifted towards education, leading him to resume his studies in 2009, majoring in Computer Information Systems. Nick is a firm believer in the power of education and is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Computer Information Systems.

Between November 2010 and April 2013, Nick served as an educational assistant at Norco College, integrating technology into the curriculum and assisting students with their coursework. He then joined Allegra Marketing-Print-Mail in Corona, CA as an IT Specialist, where he designed and developed web pages and applications, graphics, multimedia, and managed social media from May 2013 to July 2016.

In August 2013, Nick became a member of Toastmasters International, an organization dedicated to enhancing public speaking and leadership skills. He held the position of Area Governor for Area E1 District 12 Toastmasters in 2014-2015 and served as Division Director for 2015-2016, leading Division E and providing leadership to over 20 local Toastmasters clubs.

2018 marked the arrival of Nick's beautiful daughter, a joyous milestone in his life. Continuing his passion for helping small local businesses grow, Nick specialized in optimizing websites using WordPress CMS and the Wix.com platform.

In 2020, Nick rebranded as Web Guy Nick, expanding his team to two full-time employees who focused on website redesigns and graphics work. That year, he also began exploring cryptocurrency, investing in various coins and projects.

Throughout 2021, Nick continued to assist small businesses with website redesigns, maintenance, and hosting services while further investing in cryptocurrency. A close friend introduced him to NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), which led to a newfound appreciation for the community spirit and endless possibilities within the NFT space.

Nick's blog serves as a platform for sharing his experiences and supporting others in their professional growth. He believes in the value of learning from one another and has designed his blog to foster collaboration and friendship. He invites you to explore and return often, as there is always more to discover.

In 2022, Nick took another significant step forward by establishing Web Guy Nick LLC, a company dedicated to supporting local businesses in Rialto, CA, and the surrounding areas. Through his expertise in web design and development, Nick and his team have been instrumental in enhancing the online presence of numerous businesses, helping them thrive in the digital age. Web Guy Nick LLC offers a comprehensive range of services, including website redesign, maintenance, hosting, and digital marketing solutions. Driven by a commitment to community growth and customer satisfaction, the company has quickly become a trusted partner for businesses seeking to optimize their digital footprint and attract more customers.


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