1800 Flowers: Never Order From it again!!!

I just want to share my experience with 1800flowers today. I had a very bad experience with this company and ant to warn you guys to stay away from it. I am not promoting or demoting any company, just sharing my real life experience with you guys…

Why I required the services of 1800 flowers?

I utilized their services to offer a little token of affection for my grandmother. You see I really love my grandmother and I wanted to bring a smile to her face. As the 1800 flowers say, they deliver smiles with choosing fresh flowers and delivering it to people, I was influenced by that. I browsed their website, chose the flowers for my grandmother and ordered it to be delivered on her birthday.

What I was expecting and what actually happened?

As I ordered the flowers 5 days before my grandmother’s birthday, I expected the 1800 flowers would deliver the boxed flowers in a timely manner. But what actually happened is that I made a fool of myself. The flowers did not reach my grandmother.

What happened next?

1800flowers reviewWell obviously I called up the company and wanted to know about the 1800flowers problem that kept them from sending the flowers. Their customer service people just apologized and promised to send the flowers I had selected (and paid for) as soon as possible. This time the flowers did arrive but only after 5 days from the decided date. The flowers were also not fresh. They were wilted which made me very angry. I called up their customer service again but got no response. They even refused to give back my money. They kept on insisting that I buy something else from their store and use that money for it. They did not understand the fact that I didn’t needed any flowers now as the precious occasion has already passed. I just wanted my money back so that I can use it for any other thing rather than seeing it going down the drain by ordering from 1800flowers again.

What will I do now?

To begin with I am trying to spread the word about what kind of cheat the 1800 flower company is. I am going to promote this genuine 1800flowers review as much as I can. I insist you guys to never buy flowers from this fraud website as you would only be wasting your money. I have decided to buy flowers from local flower vendors like FTD.com.

FanDuel Review Fantasy Football at its best!

Fan Duel Review

Sports junkies around the world want a way to enjoy their entertainment, make money, challenge themselves, and get the most fun out of the sport that they love. With FanDuel, you have that opportunity. It is an exciting new site that offers fans an easy to use, intuitive, and appealing design set up around betting. You are going to create your fantasy team using the selection of sports available and then try to earn as many points as possible. There is a cash prize awarded to high scorers so try to focus on accuracy. If you do well, you may come away with a lot of cash in your name.

Fantasy teams are hugely popular for the sports junkies out there. Most likely, if you are into sports, you are into fantasy teams or know a bit about them. You create your team and you approach the sport as if everything is about to happen for real. When your team does well, the members of your team, you have a higher score. FanDuel uses fantasy teams to help you earn money. If you have ever created teams before, and if you are good at it, you are going to want to jump over to start bringing in the cash.

You can create a team in various sports, such as football and baseball, using the athletes that you prefer. You can set it all up your way and then see how well you do. Thanks to the intuitive design of the website, this is not going to be a problem for anyone. You can start choosing and setting everything up immediately without any difficulties or worries. This gives you the chance to create a team and work with what is available immediately. From the moment that you sign up, you will not have any roadblocks or issues getting in the way of your success.

Thanks to how easy it all is, you will have the chance to make large amounts of money quickly. While there is a quick fee, it is entirely manageable. Depending on what you choose, this fee is going to alter, but it is still tiny compared to the amount that you are taking away. If you do well, and if you know what you are doing, this is certainly worth the small investment that you are making. You have the chance to earn big bucks without any hassle or worries.

Win Networking Plus Passes to Affiliate Summit West 2015

Affiliate Summit West is right around the corner, I’m giving away 3  Networking Plus Passes  to Affiliate Summit West 2015 enter below for a chance to win! Contest Ends OCT 22nd 2014 11:59pm PST.

Affiliate Summit West 2015
Affiliate Summit West 2015 Networking Plus Passes

Networking Plus Pass: Admission to Meet Market, Exhibit Hall, Keynotes, access to one session from the first track of each day of the show; access to all recorded session videos; and PowerPoint presentations.

Penske Honda Made Buying a Car Easy!

I am now the proud owner of a black 2014 Honda Civic and I love it. I test drove a lot of vehicles and finally narrowed it down to a Honda or a Toyota. I really loved the helpful Honda salesperson, but the Toyota guy I test drove with was a joke. Plus, the Toyota just felt more like a toy. The Honda was more luxurious and demonstrated a lot more power when flooring it to merge with traffic on the freeway.

Honda Civic LX 2014

Buying a new car is a lot more difficult than it used to be. There are more brand choices and each manufacturer has dozens of models in a rainbow of colors. Buyers can choose from gas-powered models, gas and electric hybrids, even natural gas. Throw in a bevy of options on other models that come as standard equipment – I was sold.

The list of features for individual models seems to go on forever. What used to be considered a gadget is now a must-have essential for many drivers. Vehicles now come equipped with GPS, rear view cameras, Internet connectivity and USB interfaces, cars that will stop, swerve and warn their drivers of impending problems, and smart functions that expand the drivers viewing area for safety. And speaking of safety – how many air bags do you want?

I chose the Honda Civic LX 2014 – nothing too special. I purchased the car at Penske Honda in Ontario, CA and couldn’t be happier with the customer service and the entire purchasing process. It was appropriately priced for a car of its type, with a 1.8 liter engine that offers decent gas mileage – 35 MPG – and enough get up and go when I need it.

It struck me while researching cars that what comes as standard equipment on my new car was once considered luxuries that only the wealthy could afford. Amazing audio systems, air conditioning and alarm systems are standard. Even electric windows were once a fascinating new development.

The introduction of computerized systems has made it possible for me to enjoy safety features that include speed-sensing steering, stability control and low tire pressure warnings. Let’s not forget LCD monitors and valet function to avoid pesky problems with parking attendants.

The Honda Civic fits me and my lifestyle. The price was right and the service I received at the dealer was top notch. The salesperson had actually taken the time to familiarize herself with the product she was selling, which made my search and final decision infinitely easier.

Why T-Mobile is going to become the Number One Mobile Service

T Mobile # 1 Network

The battle of the mobile carriers is progressing apace and the winners in this battle will be the consumers. T-Mobile has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years and they look to emerge as the clear winner as the number one mobile service.

T-Mobile has introduced a bunch of killer deals for family plans, referral programs and the company will pay early termination fees for new customers on up to five lines. The list of positive features at T-Mobile is impressive and one of the most important words for T-Mobile customers is free.

Save your friends move to t mobile

The company has a comprehensive customer research program and they really care about their customers. That’s one of the most important aspects they have going for them. People can get mobile service from any number of carriers, but saving money and having a company that actually listens to customers is priceless.

They boast the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network available and they’re the fastest growing wireless company in the U.S. T-Mobile customers get unlimited global data coverage in more than 120 countries with the Simple Choice Plan. There are no contracts, texting is free and calls are 20 cents per minute.

T-Mobile has the most highly sought phones with Apple and Android operating systems, and they offer free shipping on all devices. With JUMP!™, clients can update to the latest devices earlier. You can even take the T-Mobile Test Drive and try the network free for seven days. They’ll even send you an iPhone 5s to do it.

A cell phone is expensive and T-Mobile understands that it represents a major purchase for many. They offer refurbished models and initiated financing plans for new phones. You can choose a new phone with T-Mobile service or bring your own phone and they’ll send you a free SIM card.

Smartphones connect us with others, help organize our lives and mind our music. T-Mobile plans are generous and customers can stream music with no data caps or overages with its Music Freedom program.

I’ve been with them for over five years and haven’t experienced any problems. Things just keep getting better with T-Mobile and they’re the first to offer a contract free plan. I’m one happy customer with T-Mobile and you can be, too.