IOS & Android Apps that Can Make You Some Serious Cash

Many people all over the world who already have jobs are looking for a way to earn a little extra cash to line their pockets with and make it a little easier to pay the rent every month. Although some people have the time to pick up an extra job, this is not possible for many others for a variety of reasons, as time constraints can make it difficult to find extra time like this, and the job market makes it difficult to find work without spending countless hours applying to jobs. In order to make it easier for you to earn extra money from home, many app developers have begun creating applications that benefit both you and the companies running the applications.

Applications of this type can be downloaded for free on your mobile smartphone, and will allow you to earn extra cash by performing specific jobs around your city, and by viewing advertisements and downloading extra applications in order to earn points that can be turned in for a variety of different rewards, such as Amazon Gift Cards, PayPal Cash that is credited directly to your account, gift cards to restaurants, and many other rewards. In order to assist you with finding applications of this type, a short list of some of the applications you can download to earn extra money has been included below, along with a short description of each.

  1. Panel App Rewards and Prizes: Download Panel App

This application allows you to earn points by viewing different advertisements on the application, and downloading applications to your smartphone. Some of the tasks that you must perform require you to use the applications up to a certain point, by playing the games you download to a certain level, or completing registration inside the application. The points you earn can then be redeemed for a variety of different prizes, such as gift cards or PayPal Cash!

Panel App Rewards Screenshot


  1. Mobee App:

Mobee is an application that can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone devices. The majority of the tasks available on Mobee allow you to earn points by going to different stores around your city and taking pictures of different items, although some surveys are available that will earn you points without any further action required. The points earned can then be traded in for gift cards to restaurants and stores, or Amazon Cash to use to purchase products on Amazon.

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  1. Receipt Hog: for free spins use referral code :  nad97536

Receipt Hog App Screenshot

Receipt Hog is a very interesting and unique application, as it does not require you to perform specific tasks to earn points that can be traded for Amazon Cash, Donations to Charity, or PayPal Cash. Instead, all you need to do to earn points and Receipt Hog is snap a picture of the receipts that you keep after any type of purchase, and upload the pictures you capture to the application. The more money you spend on each purchase, the more points you earn with each upload!

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Law of Attraction What is The Secret?

What is The Secret?

‘The Secret’ book, the one that claims to empower its readers with the biggest secret of the world through which they can live the life they have always dreamt of, is a huge rage and rightly so. The practitioners of the secret swear by its miraculous effects in their lives and strongly believe in its authenticity and efficacy. So what is this big secret that is helping people achieve happiness, prosperity and good health? The secret is nothing but the ‘Law of Attraction’.

The Law of Attraction is pretty simple in theory and principle; it simply states that like attracts like. According to this law, whatever is happening in one’s life at the present moment is the result of his/her past thoughts. As per this law, when a person thinks positively, he attracts positive results and when that same person thinks of negative thoughts, such as those of failure and loss, he ends up experiencing the same.

How Law of Attraction Works

According to ‘The Secret’ book, the knowledge of the law of attraction is the key to using it to one’s advantage. By knowing how the law of attraction works, one can alter one’s thought pattern and lifestyle in order to attract anything that one might desire, be it love, health, wealth or professional success. Here’s how you can use this potent law to transform your life and make all your dreams come true.

Visualize It

Whether you want to be rich or you want to have a harmonious relationship, simply close your eyes and visualize it in your mind. Visualize yourself living like a wealthy person or sharing a happy moment with your partner, depending on what it is that you want. Try to visualize as vividly as possible, with all the little details you can think of. The clearer your visualization, the better shall be the results.

Believe It

Now that you have started visualizing your dreams coming true, it’s time to believe it and believe it with all your heart and mind. Your faith and belief need to be absolutely unshakeable. Believe that you have become rich or that you have a beautiful relationship with your partner. Faith is one of the strongest forces and it shall take you even closer to your dreams; no wonder they say that faith can move mountains!

Experience It

With consistent practice of visualizing and believing your dreams coming true, you will soon start experiencing them in your real life. The world will present unexpected opportunities to you and will open new gateways that will make the biggest of your dreams come true. What would have once seemed impossible will soon seem every bit probable.

All you need to do is- Visualize, Believe and Experience!


Why I Choose Toms from Maine

Toms Of Maine ReviewI’ve always been conscious about the things I put in and on my body which is why I prefer to purchase all-natural products. Every since I was a child, I was aware of the importance and benefits of using products made from clean, natural sources which are healthier and less damaging to our environment. It was because of these reasons that I had to shop at specialty stores to get the all natural skin products. Having to drive out of my way and pay extra is not something I was happy with, so it was a pleasant surprise to discover Tom’s from Maine on the internet a few years ago.

Tom’s from Maine is not only committed to the highest standards when it comes to their products, but also in never using any artificial ingredients or in the use of animal testing. It brings me a little peace of mind knowing that the oral hygiene and skin care products I purchase from Tom’s from Maine is good for man and our planet.

Tom’s from Maine offers a wide variety of products that I use in my home and can recommend to you for their effectiveness and competitive price.

Oral Hygiene: They offer toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwashes and even toothbrushes that use natural products which I feel comfortable in using on a daily basis.

Body Care: Body lotions, hand cream, body washes, soaps and antiperspirants are all products I buy from Tom’s from Maine on a regular basis. All of them are natural and very effective in what they do which leaves my skin and body feeling fresh every day.

Lip Care: I was surprised that lip care product were a part of Tom’s from Maine line as I had the mistaken notion that they were not as long lasting as those made with artificial ingredients or chemicals. So, I was happily surprised with their lip balms and glosses which really work and help take care of my lips just like their oral hygiene and body care products work as well.

Tom’s from Maine also offers baby care products which include shampoos and lotions that use natural ingredients which are perfect for our little ones. Of course, I do not purchase every product that Tom’s from Maine offers, but all of them follow their philosophy of having all-natural ingredients and nothing artificial.

I choose Tom’s from Maine products not only because they have no artificial ingredients, but also because they really work. I have used all-natural products for many years and often I was disappointed in how they were not nearly as good as their standard, chemical-filled counterparts or they were priced very high which made fitting them into my budget difficult to say the least.

The products from Tom’s from Maine not only work, but they are reasonably priced as well. Plus, I get them shipped straight to my door so I don’t have to waste time, effort and gas on driving around to specialty stores. I can heartily recommend this company as the one to choose for all-natural body, baby and lip care along with oral hygiene products. Tom’s from Maine is simply the best in their field.

Save money with your receipts – Receipt Hog,Ibotta,Checkout 51 & Snap By Groupon

ReceiptsDo you think the main purpose of your purchase receipts is to keep a record of your purchase? Do you just put the receipts in a corner of your home or just throw them away after you use the product you have chosen? Have you ever considered that these receipts may save your money? If not, think of it now. There are several websites present over the internet that would help you to save a lot of bucks if you keep your previous receipts with you. All you need to do is to take pictures of the receipts by using several mind blowing apps. And voila, you’ll save a few bucks every time you buy come products. Isn’t it great? Here’s a list of a few marvelous apps that have been used by many people to save their bucks and you can do it too. - Referral Code: nad97536 This app is simply amazing. You can use it for any product bought from any place. All you need to do is to take picture of the receipt with this app. After that you will get some points for the submission. The last step is to redeem the points for cash and use it in your future purchases.

I’m getting paid for my grocery shopping with an app called Receipt Hog, and you should try it out. Just take pictures of your grocery receipts, and Receipt Hog will pay you. It’s that simple. And if you submit receipts regularly, you can earn spins at the “Hog Slots” slot machine, where you can win more money or even have your entire shopping trip paid for! It’s fun, easy, and free.

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So join me in earning some easy cash. You can download the app here: – If you like to buy a lot of grocery items every time you visit a store near you then this app is certainly for you. You can get cash back on all your grocery purchases no matter from where you have made the purchase. Again all you need to do is to upload your receipts on the app and get cash back on the grocery purchases. This app works a bit differently. You need to start using it before you begin your shopping. But it has also got very simple steps. Firstly, you should unlock your exclusive rebates before you begin the shopping. Then you should purchase the items you need from a list of featured products. The next step is to verify your purchases via your receipts. After that you’ll get the money from the app that can be transferred to your PayPal or Venmo account. You also have the option of having access to a card.

Join my Ibotta team! It’s a free app that pays you cash for buying your favorite products. This app is very similar to as it also offers cash back on groceries. You just need to select some groceries from the available list of items in the app. And when you buy these groceries and submit its receipt to the app, you’ll get cash back.

AWeber Affiliates Make Good Money Creating Automated Email Lists

AWeber provides businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs with essential email marketing services and the company’s affiliate program is creating a significant amount of recurring income for participants. Affiliate members create automated email lists, show small businesses how to use AWeber’s opt-in email marketing campaigns to boost sales, and refer potential clients to the company.

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Affiliates earn a recurring 30 percent commission, there’s no cost to sign up and monthly checks are mailed to members. Each participant receives a unique affiliate ID that’s included in the links they create. When someone clicks the link and visits AWeber, it’s automatically registered.

If a visitor from the link orders an account, the affiliate receives a 30 percent commission on the account, along with a percentage of each recurring payment that’s made. AWeber also provides affiliates with a variety of tools to help ensure their success.

Affiliates have access to an extensive number of ads and content that can be reprinted for use. An affiliate email newsletter assists members with tips for success, along with resources ranging from blogs and videos to webinars to learn methods of referring clients for increased income.

The company’s program immediately notifies affiliates when they’ve made a sale. Analytics and sales statistics provide affiliates with an in-depth view of the number of people utilizing their links and how much income they’re earning per visitor.

The AWeber affiliate program offers a lucrative recurring income source for services that are essential for anyone who wants to monetize their website and improve business sales. AWeber’s services assist clients in reaching target markets and driving traffic to websites.

The company is a marketing firm that provides its customers with all the tools to create custom newsletters and automated email lists. No special knowledge or coding is required with drag, drop and edit technology. Newsletter delivery can be scheduled for specific times.

Sign-up forms are available for inclusion on blogs, social media and websites. Autoresponders help build customer relationships. Easy to understand analytics provide statistics that demonstrate multiple types of information, success rates and generated revenue. Multiple account levels are available.

For AWeber affiliates, the company provides a recurring source of income that’s netting participants substantial incomes. The company offers essential marketing services needed by anyone conducting business, while providing affiliates with the ability to create a rewarding stream of income.