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Those who have a websites know how hard it may be to attract more visitors, and if your website happens to be the gateway towards your business, you will need to have a great traffic, in order to attract more customers. Otherwise, you will lose many clients, and thus you will lose a big amount of money.

MAXCDN seems to make a simple promise to all its customers, and that is a better speed at a lower price. Hearing this, you may wonder why you need a better speed, since you want more visitors. The answer is really simple. In order to attract more people on your website, your webpage should load in a few seconds. Otherwise the users will get bored and they will leave the page. And this is not a supposition, it is a fact. And if they leave your page, then you can be sure that they will head towards your competition. A great speed will keep your traffic, and even increase it, and it will also get you a higher rank on the google search. So it doesn’t matter how you look at this situation, acquiring their services is a win-win situation.

Before MaxCDN



Before  MaxCDN


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After MaxCDN

So all of you who own a website should think about a fast loading webpage, and if you want to try out and see with your own eyes the difference, then you should visit MAXCDN. This company has many good reviews, and their success is guaranteed. They use a complex system of offloading the information in the data centers all around the world, dealing with heavy components of your web page, such as pictures and files. In this way, when a certain user connects to your webpage, he will receive the information from the closest server. In this way he won’t need to wait too much.

If your page loads in more than three seconds, you may think about the best services that can be found online. And no matter you look, there will be only one answer, and that is MAXCDN. Thanks to their good reviews, many people have the opportunity to hear about them and to improve their websites. Being a professional community of passionate workers, the team from MAXCDN manages to offer you the best services possible, at an affordable price. Their high quality work has already satisfied a great number of users, and their number is continuously increasing. Right now they are in a continuous expansion, since more and more people want to acquire their high quality services.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you own, the only important thing is to remember that you can increase the number of the users with a simple click. Go on and get the best services from the market, and let MAXCDN to improve your online activity.

I had the pleasure to meet them and to see their results, and thus the team from MAXCDN has my entire support and appreciation, because they are saving businesses.

Lunarpages Web Hosting & Free Swag

Lunarpages Internet Solutions

As I have said before, I had a great time at the Affiliate Summit West. It was a unique experience, and even more than that, it was an opportunity to learn more from those who were present. I met interesting people, I got a prize, but even better was that I got the chance to meet the people from lunarpages. I heard about them and I really wanted to meet them, but I didn’t get the chance until this summit came along.Lunarpages Webhosting Review ASW14 Swag

For those who don’t know, is a web hosting society, which provides several high quality services. They put the client on the first place, so it is no wonder that they have so much success. In their offer package, there are scalable or private cloud hosting, Microsoft exchange, managed hosting, business hosting. I highly recommend their services, especially because they are professional and perfectionist. Even if there isn’t such thing as perfection, their work is pretty close. They pay attention to details and listen to the customers’ requests, in order to provide best services.

I had the pleasure to meet them at this summit and they turned out to be exactly how I expected they would be. I have been aware of their work and I visited their webpage, which is well structured. They were friendly, open-minded, and they even gave me a few articles, such as personalized T-shirts, sunglasses, and tumbler bottles. They are really great and I just love them. I have even tried on a T-shirt and it is a perfect match. And the tumbler bottles are really useful, especially during long work days.

I take this opportunity to thank you guys from lunarpages for this beautiful experience and for all these wonderful gifts. They have really made my day. You are amazing and I guess that this is the best way to show you my gratitude.

Lunarpages Internet Solutions

I took the liberty to follow your example because you have so many things to teach others. It would be amazing if other companies could also follow your example. You are the best in what you are doing, and now I don’t have any doubt about this. So thank you again and I hope to meet you again really soon.

For all of those who are looking for a web designer or a hosting service, you should try a collaboration with You won’t regret it. Their principles are based on value, professionalism and high quality services, client oriented of course. However, I am not trying to sell them to you, so it is better if you see with your own eyes.

So all of these being said, I am thankful for this experience, for the opportunity to meet amazing people who appreciate my work and who are a true role model for others. I will always remember the crowd from lunarpages and I have here a T-shirt that will remind me of your generosity.

Use coupon code “aff15off” for 15% off your order at lunarpages!


Affiliate Summit West 2014 Recap

Affiliate Summit West 2014

Affiliate Summit West 2014 Recap. It was great to see everyone & meet hulk hogan as I was representing my hosting company HostGator. “Hulk Hogan said what would it take to convert me to HOSTAMANIA.” I said if he can pick me up ill move all my websites over ;-) no he did not pick me up but 6 months of free hosting from them cant beat that! Big Thank you to ShareASale For the Super Hero VS Super Villains Party & a Huge Thanks To Darren Blatt for hosting Affiliate ball was great night!

Hulk Hogan ASW14 Hostamania


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Affiliate Summit West 2014

listening to Secrets of Top Six Figure Bloggers

Shoemoney & Ian Fernando had some great tips when it comes to Facebook advertising. The tools that they use as well as having many accounts at once since Facebook usually caps & has spending limits per day.


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The Last day of Affiliate Summit decided to head out at 2 pm Vegas time and 30 mins later Publisher Clearing House calls me I won $100. So we headed back since we were only about 5 miles out.