Been Choice Ad Blocker That Pays You! – IOS App Review

Been® Choice: Block Ads | Earn Rewards

An ad blocker for your iPhone that pays you? That’s right!

Block Both Ads In Apps & Safari play games you wanted without annoying ads and popups with ease!

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been choice ad blocker ios app

The more extensive ad blocking is enabled by way of Been Choice’s VPN service. When it’s enabled for the first time, users will be prompted to install a profile on their device. If you’ve ever had to set up an iPhone to connect to your company’s network, you may be familiar with this process. When the VPN is enabled, traffic is then routed through Been Choice’s servers where it performs deep packet inspection on the content. It can then remove specific content – like ads – through pattern matching.

adblocker that pays

Choose Block to banish ads and trackers from both your Apps and Safari. It’s free.

Choose Earn to get paid for letting ads and trackers through.

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I’ve made $35 using Receipt Hog App on IOS

Receipts Make Money
Smartphones are devices that people use to communicate with loved ones, check emails, surf the web and play games. But, time has changed meaning the use of the devices in the past has also advanced. Just consider the use of your smartphone. Today, its use is not only limited to those mentioned. With the right installed app, you can also now use the device to start making money. Of course, you would love to make full use of that opportunity. All you have to do is to download the Receipt Hog app on your device, and you can begin!Receipt Hog App IOS Make Money

The Receipt Hog App

Receipt Hog is a free app for mobile phones that lets you earn cash rewards by making full use of your shopping receipts. Each qualifying receipt you take a picture of then submit lets you earn spins at Hog slots or coins. You can even earn more coins every time you use your earned spins at Hog Slots. Consequently, one lucky winner every day may benefit from winning coins with the same value of the amount stated on their last snapped receipt. It is a real and fun way to earn money.

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How Receipt Hog Works

Money is earned with Receipt Hog by giving you the opportunity to become a member of an exclusive market research panel. This is a panel where opinions and purchases influence the promotions and products being offered by retailers and brands. By joining the panel, all the receipt data as well as answers to the survey you provided are summarized to create market research reports to be given to brands. In exchange for the provided survey answers and receipt data, you benefit from getting paid.


BitDefender Total Security 2016 Review – Your Ultimate Anti-Malware Protection

Bitdefender Review

BitDefender has yet again launched its new security software for home users. The new software is the enhanced version, the BitDefender Total Security 2016. The item was just recently launched, but it was already awarded with the title “Product of the Year and the Triple Editor’s Choice” by PCMag. Being integrated with an award-winning technology and the feature to use machine learning in fighting off cyber threats without affecting the device’s performance makes the product as among the top anti-malware protection today but there’s more than BitDefender Total Security 2016 can offer.

Recognized for Its Offered Best Protection and Best Performance

The brand Bitdefender has always been known for protecting privacy of its users and their devices. Now, it is showing its ability in the field again through its BitDefender Total Security 2016. As the improved version, the anti-malware software comes with both new and enhanced features.

New and Enhanced Features

Ranswomware Protection (New) – This new feature works by blocking all ransomware, both unknown and new, from your personal profiles. It is easy to use. You simply need to choose the areas wish to be protected against ransomware.

Complete Data Protection (Enhanced) – The BitDefender Total Security 2016 is integrated with a powerful technology designed to ensure complete data protection. No matter what e-threats are present, this technology only eliminates even if it is the most dangerous ones known today. It can block traditional worms, viruses and Trojans. Most importantly, the software is made to protect you against zero-day exploits, spyware, rootkits and ransomware.

Other Plus Points of the Software

Aside from ensuring your ultimate protection against malware, the BitDefender Total Security 2016 is also leading in:

  • Performance: In fact, it received Gold for the category fastest system speed, which is made possible through its unique set of features. Within just a few hours, you will notice visible improvement in performance and speed. Its protection is not only limited to your device. To keep you entirely protected from malware, the software also scans in the Cloud without affecting the performance of your device. Plus, no matter what activities you do, the software easily detects it and performs necessary adjustments for your convenience.
  • Offered One-Click Security: One of the best features the product has is the Bitdefender Autopilot, which deciding on important security-related decisions even without your input. It automatically works to keep you protected against malware. Making payments online? The item also has this aspect covered by automatically placing your credential in the payment page. No need to input anything. Has vulnerable or outdated software? With the product’s Quick Vulnerability Scanner, you will be automatically notified about those things.

Combine all these and you obtain malware protection software you can rely on at all times. However, the fact that it is the latest version of the Total Security Bitdefender software makes it a big requirement for users to have lots of patience. This is especially the case in terms of learning the product’s advanced settings. Nonetheless, once you get the hang of using it, you will greatly benefit from what it can do. BitDefender Total Security 2016 also comes with an exclusive launch offer of one year. Those who are interested to enjoy what it can offer may take advantage of the special offer that it currently has. You can get a one for free with any purchase of Antivirus Plus 2016, Internet Security 2016 and Total Security 2016.

Make Money with Smart Panel

There’s a new company called Smart Panel that will literally pay you to download their free app. The purpose of the app is to collect anonymous statistics from your phone to helps websites, apps, tech companies and mobile carriers give you better services and more features. Smart Panel is run by Verto Analytics, is a well-known and trusted analytics firm.

Smart Panel wants to know how long you’re spending on Facebook each week, what YouTube videos you like, and how often you check your email. Those who want to participate can go to the website and complete a three-minute survey to determine if they qualify.

Once you’ve qualified, download the Smart App and you’ll receive a $5 Smart Reward. If you keep the app installed for at least two weeks, you’ll earn another $10. For each month that you keep the Smart Panel app installed, you’ll get another $5. In total, you can earn up to $75 for the first year. Rewards can be redeemed via PayPal or gift card.

Smart Panel participants are an elite community of people who are inquisitive individuals. They care about how things work, what people do and what things mean. The Smart App can be installed on smartphones, tablets and PCs. It runs in the background and monitors how the device is used. Those with multiple devices will need to install the app on each one.

Maintaining privacy is a primary concern for Smart Panel and the group’s focus is gathering statistics. If an individual doesn’t give Smart Panel explicit permission, no data is collected or used. The only personal information that is requested is used to distribute the Smart Rewards you’ve earned.

The Smart Panel is a group of individuals committed to improving the user experience in multiple technological arenas that encompasses mobile apps, media and websites. Information is collected anonymously, aggregated and analyzed to help companies develop services that provide a better online experience for users.

The Smart Panel App provides participants with the opportunity to make a real contribution to current and future technology. It’s a chance for individuals to furnish input into the apps, services and features that better meet the needs of everyone that pays you for pursuing you normal activities.

Media Insiders Review – How to Make Extra Money from Your Phone with the App


media insiders logo

Did you know that you can now start making extra money right from your phone? That’s true, and the opportunity created with the Media Insiders app is a proof of that!

Earning money with the app is easy. Download it on your phone, let it run on your device and you can already start earning $5 Tango gift card every month. The good thing about this money-making opportunity is that you do not need to take any survey to get paid. Simply let it run on your device! You won’t even notice that it is running on the background. Plus, even as it runs, you will feel at ease for it won’t affect or slow down the performance of the device. Once you receive the $5 Tango card you earn, you have the option to redeem it in any known gift cards, like iTunes, Target, Amazon, etc! That’s the money-making opportunity you can take advantage of with the Media Insiders app.

The Media Insiders App                    

Media Insiders is just one of the many ways you can earn money nowadays by using your mobile phone. Such app is designed to let the sponsoring companies gain better understanding about the web and mobile usage. As a user or the mobile owner of the device where the app is installed, you are able to contribute in enabling that understanding to those companies. In exchange, receive incentives, which in the case of Media Insiders, is in the form of reward points or sweepstake entries.

The understanding gained with the help of the app, made possible by the members, is meant to aid media companies. With the help of the app and its users, important insights are provided, ones which allows clients in making informed decisions on how they can better deliver entertainment, information and content to consumers.

The app helps in providing that understanding in several ways that is not only limited to the use of mobile phones. Information can also be obtained through PCs. Regardless of the version of app running, activities conducted on mobile phones are measured while visited web pages, watched videos and viewed ads are captured. From there, the collected information is then compiled.

Who can become a Member?

Interested to make money through the Media Insiders way, but don’t know if you are allowed to? In truth, anyone can join and become a member of the Media Insiders as long as you are a US resident, have an email address, using a device with mobile data or Wi-Fi and is already 13 years and above. To become a member, you only need to download either the MIMobile or PC-Connect app to the appropriate device. You must accept the license agreements and Terms and conditions then you can start activating the application using your registered email address. From there, you can start earning money.

As for the earning, there are two ways in which you can earn using this means. You can choose from participating in either of the two reward programs, the Sweepstakes and Perks Points. Participating on the first options lets you earn up to $10,000 quarterly and a minimum of $10 in weekly drawings. On the second option, you get to redeem $5 every 3 weeks by simply letting the app actively run to your device every day. So, which reward programs do you prefer now? Either way, there is something you can receive in the end.